12 November 2016

The Trump Timeline Lives On ~ John Ross ~ 9 November 2016

This is an interesting take from John Ross. Given that it was written in March 2016, it's all the more intriguing in its scope. John's information shares the same perspective as that of Matthew Ward in his recent message (posted earlier).

Source: Freedom4Humanity

I wrote and posted this nearly 8 months ago on March 12 and I sincerely hoped that we would not get to this point where Trump is now the president elect of the USA. It is being reposted to help understand the current situation.

The secret world government has very advanced technology which has been keep secret from the rest of humanity and used to advance their dark agenda of controlling and enslaving humanity. One of these technologies is time travel and the use of time travel to manipulate and control humanity’s shared timeline.

Human time travel began when the American military shot down an ET space craft near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 (using secret scalar technology). In their reverse engineering work that followed, they found they could time travel using the pilot’s chair and quickly discovered a time line anomaly at the winter solstice of 2012. The pilot would experience a bump like hitting a curb and their reality shifted into an expansive, blissful experience where dark agendas ceased to function well.

Hmmm…’this will never do’ and the secret government began experimenting to see if they could change all of this. Timelines are fluid and can be shifted and in the sixty years that followed, the human dark found many ways to delay the shift that was intended for 2012. Humanity is now living in one such alternative timeline although it is only partially of the dark’s creation and is quickly unraveling for the dark, moving toward a life-changing shift into a Light based timeline.

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