24 November 2016

Understanding Trump's Agenda ~ John Ross ~ 23 November 2016


John Ross' perspective underscores the in-fighting that is now more and more apparent as much surfaces from the depths of secrecy.

Source: Freedom4Humanity

My vantage point includes the existence of a secret world government who have created humanity’s current shared timeline and intend to continue to create humanity’s future shared timeline. This is a highly unusual vantage point as the secret government has been very successful at convincing humanity that they do not exist. From this vantage point, a lot of things make sense; including the early days of Trump becoming the US President Elect.

The secret world government has two heads. One is the RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia) who have for centuries ruled over the rest of humanity. They control the world’s financial systems, the world’s media (including editorial control), and most of the world’s political systems. The other head are newcomers based in the US. They are technocrats who developed Tesla’s science after Tesla died in 1943. Using US government finances and US military secrecy protocols, these technocrats developed many advanced technologies including free energy, faster than light travel, time-travel, and a variety of mind and spirit control technologies. All were kept secret from the rest of humanity, including the US government, and used to control and enslave the rest of humanity.

A schism developed between these two heads and played out in the US presidential election.

The RKM have a long-standing central planning system that has provided the blueprint for the secret government’s overall strategy. In a nutshell, the plan was to create WWIII and a nuclear holocaust; killing off ninety percent of humanity while the secret government and their families hid out in underground or space sanctuaries to emerge and rule over those who survived. The technocrats have grown disenchanted with this agenda, favoured partial disclosure, where some truth was made known to humanity but the secret government remained in power within a business as usual format.

Had Hillary won, the RKM’s agenda (create WWIII), would have been followed…it may not have succeeded, but that would have been the agenda. As it is, the technocrats won the election and partial disclosure is now the secret government’s agenda with Trump as their spokesman.

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