21 November 2016

Voting and Soul Contract Revocation

This post is about voting in general and does not refer to any specific election, past, present or future.

Sometime ago in early October, I listened in to an interview of Andrew Bartzis with The Futurists (posted here). One of the things Andrew discussed was voting ~ of course, he was at that time referring to the then-upcoming US Presidential election. As I listened, I thought I understood what Andrew was talking about ~ stepping into our Sovereignty and avoid giving away our power to an individual (or party) to make a difference in our lives.

However, just two days ago, as I was busy with some mundane chore, I received a deeper insight into Andrew's guidance. I wasn't even thinking of the voting process at that time ~ in fact, I was thinking about how long more Humanity can continue to endure inauthentic and inorganic lives, doing mindless things that get us nowhere, over and over again. So when that insight came along, it stopped me in my tracks. Of course, I can never be sure what Andrew really meant, because a lot of times he avoids giving too many details and stops short of explaining things in full. I feel that he wants the individual to interpret what he says with their own understanding and perspective, and that he prefers that we feel into the energy of his words, which is why (in my opinion), he uses the words and phrases that he does.

My own insight is that, not only do we surrender our Sovereignty when we place our trust (and therefore energy) in a system that is dark, we are also tacitly and implicitly giving permission to whoever (or whichever party) is "elected" to carry out whatever agenda they wish. It doesn't matter which candidate or party we vote for, as long as we are participating in the system, we are condoning the process of eliciting our endorsement for whatever the outcome is, and for the events that will unfold in the future. As long as we go through the process, we are saying we agree with the system, its outcome and the events that follow, and the contract is signed with our vote on the ballot paper or device.

With that understanding, I would suggest that an appropriate Soul Contract Revocation be performed for those who wish to void this trap, yet another in an overly-long list of mediums that have been diabolically used to usurp our Sovereignty.

You can find many versions of revocations, freely available on the Internet. I have two on the right-hand panel of this blog that I particularly like, or you can use your inner guidance to lead you to one that's appropriate for you.


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