31 December 2016

5D Astrology Report: 2017 Genesis and Dimensional Flux ~ Agent 98 Lorna Bevan

"Agent 98"....nice! Lorna Bevan confirms astrologically what many have been sensing increasingly strongly since December unfolded. We'll "Get Smart" in 2017.

Source: Cosmic Intelligence Agency

5D Astrology Report: 2017
A 1 Year of Genesis – dimensional flux 

There is hope in the darkness for all things will be made new.
Revelations 21: 5

Presciently, the theme of my 2016 5D Forecast “A Change in Frequency” written in December 2015 – proved beyond true and now we are shapeshifting into 2017 “A 1 Year of Genesis: dimensional flux.” To borrow a timely Star Wars idiom, in 2017 we can expect a major disturbance in the force as we are now in a radically different astrology straddling the seismic fissure between the 2007-16 Uranus/Pluto Demolition Squares and the 2016-23 Uranus/Eris/Pluto/Haumea eyes wide open awakening.

The years between 2017- 2023 are stair steps through the Connected Universe into the Age of Aquarius when Pluto enters the sign of the Futurist. So, what can we foresee for 2017? Deep breath:
  • The chaos factor as the new normal
  • Increasing dimensional flux 
  • Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity
  • Old template drop-off 
  • A separation of worlds and time-lines – Wizards and Muggles?
  • Shifts in Life Streams
  • Entanglement with Creation/Source
  • A radical expansion of the higher mind / breakthroughs in science, astronomy, medicine and technology
  • A Paradigm Shift + evolution of unity consciousness
  • Tribes and groups forming and reforming like cells to shape solutions
  • Personal Creative Unfolding
  • Massive Transformational Purpose
And if those frames and concepts sound weird or far-out to you now, by the end of 2017 you’ll have experienced them in your own life. The magic moments come when you glimpse universal principles through personal experience.

2017: A 1 Year of Rising from the Ashes

A radically new Creation Cycle begins on January 1 2017 aka 1:1:1 and you are already feeling the highly-concentrated creator frequencies of the new energy resonances, resurrections and revelations of the higher mind. Although it seems as if there no time space between the completion of the old and the start of the new and you’re feeling like you’re spinning, falling, rising, coming apart at the seams and yet so excited to really get going creatively, be aware that January 1st is not an overnight wipe the slate clean wave of a magic wand but an emergence from the Zero Zone into a field of possibilities. What you choose will arise out of your Free Will. A generative sovereign question to ask yourself is: “How did I shape my reality in 2016 and do I like my results? If not, then what exactly am I going to do differently?” In the year ahead you move into many new physical reality alterations as the 1 vibration intensifies but you have to get there with ZERO attachments or expectations…in complete faith, but with a deep awareness that what lies just ahead is nothing like what lies just behind. Hold on to these reassuring thoughts:

The future is an incomplete equation
You will never know this little again
You are doing the best you can, given the thinking you have that looks real to you
You can think whatever you like

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