07 December 2016

A Sacred Passage for Transformation ~ Sandra Walter ~ 6 December 2016

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

Our December – January passage of renewal and rebirth is upon us, and the acceleration presents opportunities for profound experiences in our Ascension process.

Perhaps you have felt this since September’s wave: Something else is going on. The background energy for our experience is changing, creating a platform for a new experience. New creations are emerging as the old collapse, and it is a sacred passage of patience and unity. Let the New be revealed, rather than attempting to steer it in a direction which may not serve. We are engaging with higher trajectories which favor peaceful, neutral Creator beings willing to serve as conduits of this Divine Light influx, in order to let the Christed mission unfold.

The accelerated timelines continue to overwrite and dissolve lower timelines and lesser trajectories. The fascinating (and lucid) experience of the emerging new trajectories for Ascension is brilliant. The more open we are to expand into these new realties and have this experience on behalf of the collective, the easier this deeply transitional phase will be for all concerned. Let us hold the LoveLight high as many become distracted by the holiday busy-ness. The December – January influxes are a deeply sacred passage. We are co-creating the highest possibilities of this acceleration with our Higher Levels.

Effects of the Accelerated Timelines
The highest possible outcomes are of a much higher vibration than our old reality. Accelerated timelines release, dissolve or overwrite lower vibrational timelines by quantum effect; the higher vibration always raises or eliminates the lower. When the HUman collective chose to engage with the accelerated (higher vibrational) timeline experiences – and there are many, hence the timeline fluctuation right now – it allowed for many individuals to release their lower Self templates, and take on higher trajectories (possible outcomes) for their Ascension. The collective trajectory shifted, individual trajectories are shifting, and now we have a Divine opportunity presenting as the lower timelines burn themselves out.

Sacred Geometric Templates of Source-in-Form

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