18 December 2016

A Small Fragment of Solara's December 2016 Surf Report

Source: The NVisible (please know that this link only shows the current Surf Report)


One of the many lessons of Standing Rock is the importance of Living in Prayer. Even though the native people throughout the world have honored the Earth by living in prayer, for many people, this is a new form of prayer. It's not passive, but active. It's not a calling out for help to God from a place of being small and weak, but our True Prayer comes forth from our natural authority as empowered authentic Earth - Star Beings, co-creators of the New Reality.

True Prayer is a seeing and acknowledging the sacred in everything around us. It's constantly living in a state of prayer, of being in constant communication and Oneness with all of creation. It's treating one another and all living beings with love and respect. It's a knowingness that the Earth is our Mother, the Sun is our Father and the Stars are our family. It's not having our "spiritual" moments when we meditate or do yoga, then making ourselves smaller so we can fall back into our everyday activities as if we were "normal". Instead, we do everything in a state of knowingness that EVERYTHING IS SACRED.

When we remove the threads of our being from the Tapestry of Duality and reweave them into the Tapestry of Oneness, it gives us an infinitely vaster perspective than before. It enables to LOOK LARGER and to see what was previously Unseen.

As the veils between the worlds continue to dissolve, the duality-based world is being revealed as a nightmare distortion that is more deeply ingrained than we could have previously imagined. And yet strangely enough, this duality nightmare world feels increasingly unreal. This is because we don't live there anymore. More and more people are choosing not to feed duality and are no longer believing that it is our predominant reality. This mass awakening of humanity into the New Reality is now starting to feel stronger than duality. Finally! This is what we've been waiting for. This is what we've been working so hard to achieve.

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