02 December 2016

Awakening, Living Your Mission ~ Untwine with Patrick Shih, Prepare For Change Taiwan ~ 30 November 2016

Source: Recreating Balance

Patrick : Hello everyone, this is Patrick, today I’m so honored to present you a very special interview. Today for the first time in the history of Prepare for Change, this is not going to be another Cobra interview, instead I have Untwine, from the blog Recreating Balance. The first time I met Untwine was Cobra Chiang Mai Conference last July. To me, he’s not only a good friend of mine, but also a very very reliable partner for planetary liberation. So on behalf of my group, International Golden Age Group, I want to welcome Untwine to my interview, hello Untwine, good day !

Untwine : Good day, thank you, thank you.

P : Ok, so first question, can we first talk about your story of awakening ?

U : Ok, from the beginning, from this whole life, or later on ?

P : Yeah this whole life, like when did you wake up as a lightworker, and what was your job, and what is your background story before you become a lightworker ?

U : I think the first element in my awakening was from the time I was born in my first, roughly 7 years, I had a lot of astral traveling, especially when I was waking up in the morning, I would first wake up in my astral body, and I could fly around in my room in my house, and touch things and see energies, and I could see myself sleeping in my physical body and then I would come into my physical body and wake up in my physical body. That was going on almost every morning for my first 7 years. Also around this time I had a lot of, during the day I would lock myself up whenever I could, because I wasn’t very comfortable with the outside world, and then I felt and I could see that I was surrounded by beings, who were helping me and guiding me, telling me things, I don’t remember anything in detail, it’s like an energetic transmission that they were doing.

P : Wow, so you can do all this stuff when you were young ?

U : Yeah, until about 7 years old, I think around the time when I had my first vaccine, and I started going to school and it was quite stressful, and all this stopped.

P : Yeah, I have a similar experience, when I was young, probably about 7 years old, sometimes I would ask myself, who the hell I am ? Why am I here ? You know..

U : Yeah I think it’s very common for many star seeds to be like that as a child

P : Well, I couldn’t go astral travel, but sometimes I just ask, is my chinese name really my real name, things like that

U : Yeah, yeah, I would also stare at myself in the mirror, that lasted my whole childhood until my late teens, and I had these moments where I had almost like a vertigo staring at myself in the mirror and have a very strong feeling like ‘this is not my planet, why am I here ?’, and I knew this was not my planet even in my early years, like 5-6 years old. But after you know we grow up and we go to the school system and the pressure from the family and all the society and we tend to forget all this, and just think it’s, you know, childhood imagination. The implants and the vaccines also make it even more, that we forget all this stuff.

P : So, what was your job, before you became a lightworker ?

U : I think these energetic transmissions I got as a child, they stayed with me and when I was a teenager I rebelled very strongly against the school, I hated it I didn’t want to be in it, and it was also very difficult for me to relate with people, with how the world works, and about 13-14 years old I started playing music and that was one of the major things in my life, because it helped me translate, it’s like it made a translation with the world and people, in that way I could relate with people for the first time almost. So I started focusing on this a lot and so some of my first actual jobs until my early twenties were just music, I was playing in bands and going every week to play concerts in like cafes and stuff like that. I could never really go into another kind of job, like 9 to 5, I think it did it for 7 weeks in my whole life and I hated it.

P : Haha wow, so you just broke away from the system so early.

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