17 December 2016

Connection to the Infinite Being that We Are ~ Andrew Bartzis ~ 15 December 2016

** Text: Each being on Earth seeks their own way to connect to the infinite being that they are.
 The process always come to an understanding of scale and size in which our other self works at. We walk the rites of passage and we finish the old. 

We do not fall back into the old ways of self-deception and self-perversion of sacred living. 
By accomplishing the rites of passage means you must upkeep your continuous co-creation with Earth Mother's realms. It is your sovereign duty. 
We do this by our elemental connection to all that is. 

The 4-legged, the winged ones, the scaled and soft-shelled, the birds, bees, ducks
and dinosaurs all have a place in Great Mysteries.      ~ Andrew Bartzis **

Source: Galactic Historian

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