11 December 2016

Continued Sasquatch Messages to Humanity: Chapter 6 ~ Kamooh & Sunbow DawaOutah LomaKatsi ~ 11 December 2016

The Exponentials ~ Ben Mcguire
Source: Psychic Sasquatch

On this sacred walk along the spiritual path, with the guidance of our Elders, life progresses, miracles unfold. Many remarkable happenings have occurred within the last week alone, more than could be reported in detail. Star ships fly around every night, allowing me to practice at filming them, providing a few interesting results. The series of flashing lights that flew low and fast over the field, or the blue orbs dancing in the forest could not be captured. No more than the elegant wolf that passed by some forty feet away, when I walked with Buddha, a faithful companion dog, to investigate and see if we could meet our forest friends. We saw their footprints and they appeared fairly clearly on some photos and footage. My good brother Brook from Australia recognized Kamooh like me, for having met him before; just like his Dooligah Elder Shrangooloo, whose hair he gave me, has visited me and communicated several times, showing himself to me. The people who have been instructed by the Sasquatch know of those things, and we often meet the Elders and guides of our allies on this interspecies path.

This might sound incredible to the uninitiated person into interdimensional communications, but it is the living reality of a growing number of interspecies ambassadors, many of whom are connecting around the world into a planetary community circle converging with loving hearts towards the great cosmic disclosure and awakening. Would it be easier to believe, when they appear on photos? Like yesterday on the only picture I took of my new van, where Kamooh can be seen sitting on the passenger seat… But of all the lovely gifts they can offer, the most precious is the wisdom of their teachings about interdimensionality and the spiritual evolution of the Soul.

It is with deep gratitude in my heart and sincere, humble respect towards our Elder Brother Sasquatch, our Star Elders and Great Spirit Creator, that I continue on this fascinating journey of wonderment and enlightenment. Many thanks as well to my Human relatives and allies involved in the spiritual healing and growth of Humanity. And last but far from least, a special tribute to Eldest Elder Kamooh, gatherer of interspecies star nations, who has kept manifesting signs of his faithfulness and loving care over and over, to more and more seers of truth.

”Dearest Little Brother, we greatly appreciate your words of kindness honoring our Soul. Likewise, it is with a similar gratitude that we greet you and observe what has been done. We do not deserve praises nor glorification for simply fulfilling our spiritual dharmic duty. It is rather an honor to be able to serve the best interest of the greater good of all life.”

”You know that I went on a long journey in the Alter-Universe, as I sent directly into your soul images from that plane of Hyperspace, where consciousness travels faster than light. I showed you the deep underground cave abodes where the burial ceremony took place, parts of the star ship I traveled on board, and some of the Star Elders I sit with in Council. You could feel my soul and see what I was showing you in one instant, yet I kept silent.”

”How can I send you in real time on your 4D linear scale, images from far away locations? It is by retrieving from the Alter-Universe a certain amount of data or information in the form of Alter-Matter particles, that can be sent to a focal point of reception like your soul, at the speed of thought of the Hyperspace, traversing your physical shell at high velocity. Your Alter-body made of Alter-Matter senses this energy and when you focus in your soul, images appear clearly in the blink of an eye, that your brain processes in 4D linear time.”

”This is one form of telepathy to share images and feelings, often called astral projection. All animals and people naturally practice this form of telepathy, or emotional intelligence. Consciously or not, we project our thoughts and emotions in the form of alter-particles. These energies and thought-forms are felt by other beings, influencing our surroundings. They make the fabrics of our alter-body and soul, reflected in our aura and our relations.”

”This universal and natural form of telepathy through astral projection of thought-forms in the Alter-Universe, affects all relations and soul evolution. When understood and mastered, the information codes of Alter-Matter particles can be channeled consciously. The astral realm being the dimensional plane of the Alter-Universe made of Alter-Matter, the amount of information received depends on the quantity of alter-particles transmitted just like the number of pixels in an image defines its resolution in lower or higher grade.”

”Thoughts and emotions experienced by the individual consciousness form the soul-body. When the physical body dies, it loses about fourteen grams or half an once; this is the alter-body leaving a lifeless physical shell behind, carrying away its emotional memories, in the form of information coded in infinitesimal particles of Alter-Matter like neutrinos. This subtle body, in average five thousand times less dense than the physical plane, then travels into the Alter-Universe that it has known through dream time, to learn and grow.”

”There are many dimensional levels within the Alter-Universe, of lower or higher densities and frequencies. Souls of the departed evolve in different environments created by their thought-forms and emotions. Souls who remain attached to the physical plane, might stay around familiar places and haunt them, as ghostly presences or shadow people, in higher densities and lower frequencies. Others fall into lethargy or unconsciousness, and get caught by soul harvesters in local karmic hells where predator entities feed on them.”

”One of the most tragic fate souls can know is when their subtle alter-bodies get trapped and compressed into dense matter, either through their own obsessive karmic bounds to the physical plane, or if so-called ‘dark’ matter is extracted through interdimensional portals, whether by dark cabal practices encapsulating souls in material objects acting as karmic prisons, or by anti-nature technologies extracting alter-bodies in the form of highly dangerous and unstable black goo. Predator entities hunting for soul possession capture their preys in such material receptacles in order to control and own their destiny. Souls can remain trapped for aeons in such formless dense material bodies, until by some divine miracle of destiny they are freed by a dharmic intervention of spiritual redeemers. Fortunately, not all souls know such a dark fate. For evolved souls, death is a liberation.”

”Some who believe in a golden temple in paradise end up in such places shared by many. But they might learn over time that these heavens are temporary and local realities, from which souls need to keep evolving into higher consciousness through more dharmic duty. They might be shown other worlds and dimensions to learn from, through Hyper-Space. More incarnations may be required to keep learning, healing and serving the Divine will. If you think there is only one heaven and one hell, can you point at where they are in space? There are many places resembling heaven or hell throughout the Hyper-Space.”

”Souls who prepare themselves for the after-life through spiritual practices are welcomed and guided by spiritual allies when they enter the Alter-Universe. Among them are their departed relatives who have evolved into higher realms, as well as Star Elders and spirits. When souls have accomplished much spiritual work in their lives, they are granted rest, on planets and worlds where the levels of spiritual consciousness resemble paradise.”

”This is what was offered to my beloved Wohola, in reward of her long life of devotional service, as an exceptional example of loving wisdom, as her name’s meaning expresses. After her body was put to rest in the womb of her beloved homeland on Mother Earth, I was taken with her soul on a mother ship of our Star Elders, where we were instructed. From there she was sent through a star gate to a heavenly planet of celestial substances. I could not follow her on that journey beyond our galactic super cluster, at a distance above all our conceptions, but I was allowed to see into that heavenly abode, through the wormhole tunnel piercing endless space inside a Meta-Matter channel reflecting time.”

”What I saw and felt was beyond words, and although I have flown many times with our Star Elders, I had never been anywhere this far in this long incarnation. I was offered the choice to move on beyond, with my beloved Wohola, into this delightful haven of peace. The other option was to remain anchored on the physical Earth, to keep serving, helping and teaching your people, in these critical times of crisis and ongoing disasters, in this troubled age of transition and purification of the Anthropocene mass extinction omnicide. It was not an easy choice, but I knew that our work is bearing fruits and can help many.”

”So I decided to stay grounded on Earth and connected to Her destiny, rather than letting go of the silver cord to fly freely throughout cosmic regions in glorious heavenly realms. For this reason, as I have mastered the understanding of interdimensionality through a long experience and have been in service to the greater good of all living beings, I was granted the gift of immortality, allowing me to carry my body beyond this sole dimension. It has been serving me well this far and has learned self-healing, it can carry on its work. This may sound amazing, but it happens all the time to souls who reach spiritual mastery. It does not represent a big change for me, other than a new enlightenment and knowing. It does not make me more divine nor worthy of praises, but only able to serve longer.”

”Now, as you write these words, you have been in awe, hearing for the last hours a lively conversation happening just outside your window. The voices sound non-Human and the language is unknown, although when you pay attention, you hear some English words. You heard them say: ‘We are here. Just to let you know.’ and ‘We Love you. Be at Peace.’. These are two of our Star Elders we work with in our Council, who talked to you earlier. They are short in size, with long skulls and are manifesting presently interdimensionally. They come from a star system beyond your knowledge and are highly spiritual helpers.”

”They are not to be confounded with some intraterrestrial or moon dwelling insectoid and reptoid hybrids, or the bio-synthetic clones or drones they have devised and developed, that might roughly resemble their description, but have detrimental motives and ways. With your frail knowledge of Star People, your collective consciousness is limited to trying to imagine or categorize different alien species in large classes, with fixed characteristics. Different types of appearances are associated with generalized descriptions of behaviors. This is no more than misconception based on speciesism and misunderstanding of soul.”

”Your supposedly best so-called ‘experts’ in the field of ufology often tend to classify star people by their provenance, as if all people from one place looked alike or acted in the same way. This does not apply for your Human People, nor does it for my Sasquatch People, no more than for any species of Star People. The soul and consciousness are not defined by the genetics they incarnate, therefore highly evolved souls can manifest their consciousness in any form of incarnations, to activate or help the process of evolution. Some genetics are more favorable to spiritual evolution, due to the collective memories they carry in their DNA. This is why spiritual sharing of DNA is a tool for the evolution of consciousness, that has been used universally by Star Elders in their dharmic mission.”

”As you have noticed, their star ships have been visiting you a lot recently, flying by almost every night and letting themselves be filmed by you. You have wondered why they often fly along that same ridge, over your western horizon. Here is the reason why. First of all, that ridge stretches five to six miles from where you are, so the ships you saw and thought where about one mile away are in fact quite bigger than what you perceived. Just across that ridge is the Spokane River, running along the reservation of that name.”

”Directly west of you is that large boulder on which you saw ancient Native pictographs. You have heard that in the wild mountain range behind, there is a network of deep caves in which tribes of my Sasquatch People gather and live. The local Natives are well aware of it and avoid the area, trying also to keep off outsiders. A little further west, just across the Columbia River, you have heard that on the Colville reservation, where seventeen nations live, there is also such an underground abode where my people is known to live.”

”There are also many local stories of Natives born from Sasquatch hybrid lineage, with first and second generation descendants still known. So now you know why our star ships fly above those places and why we can appear in large numbers where you are staying, along that forested creek that flows into the Spokane River. We would not disclose the locations of those places normally, but we do now, knowing that they are protected with interdimensional gates and keepers, so you could not find them unless we take you there. The ones we could really worry about are already aware of the existence of those abodes. Many parts of the underworld have been invaded by their forces, but some remain safe.”

”Moreover, besides the two aforementioned of our underground sanctuaries, you have heard of similar cavern havens known only by a few Natives on the north side of the Fraser River and on northern Vancouver Island. Connect these coastal regions with the ones described above, through the Cascade Range between Mount Rainier and Mount Baker, where other subterranean refuges exist, and you find the large belt ranging across northern Washington and southern British Colombia, where the highest concentration of Sasquatch live today on the planet, explaining the great frequency of encounters there.”

”It is no coincidence that we have chosen this part of the world to develop our connection with you and channel our message through you, although you have met us elsewhere. This region is also where we have chosen to gather communicators among your people, in a long term interspecies collective convergence, for cosmic disclosure and awakening. This is why the Spiritual Sasquatch Conference has been so successful and promising.”

”It is a great joy for us to reconnect with our Younger Brother in spiritual loving friendship and communicate in Soul as close relatives and allies, for the evolution of consciousness. This is just the beginning, as the new awaited world of intergalactic Peace is on its way. But there are still rocky roads to travel and we have much work left to do until the shift.”

”While this planet is slowly emerging from the age of fossil fuels and nuclear energy, still using primitive and destructive technologies like propulsion engines and power lines that have been proven inefficient and obsolete, but profit a minority dominating your world, Star Elders are ready to teach you about beneficial technologies respecting the universal balance and the Cosmic Laws, that they have learned through their longer experience.”

”Your highest technologies are limited by a strictly material application in 4D linear time. Space travel on that scale is so limited that it would make it impossible for your people to live through the journey to the next star. The unbearable gravity at acceleration, the shortage of fuel and stockpile, the radiation belts enclosing the planet or crossing space, the unfathomable vastness of the cosmos making space travel in 4D linear time useless and unpractical, represent the problems left unresolved for your materialistic science, and by analogy, the general critical situation of your planetary society in the actual course of its evolution, seeking to free itself from enslaving ways destroying life on Earth. Unless you do shortly change your ways, you will keep bringing doom and gloom to life.”

”When your consciousness evolves beyond the restraints of materialism, the knowledge of invisible energy like waves and electromagnetism opens the doors to interdimensional understanding, necessary to achieve interstellar journeys with star ships and time travel. Your space shuttles and stations that make you proud are at the very bottom level of star exploration, because using dense material technologies, they cannot escape external gravity and friction, keeping them submitted to opposite restricting physical forces.”

”Anti-gravity is the very first step towards the capacity of leaving from any home-planet. It can be easily created by sending a direct electric current in a circular motion in one direction and an alternative current inside of it in the opposite direction. This is basic physics that any apprentice scientist can easily apply in their homemade experiments.”

”There exist other much more sophisticated and complex ways to produce anti-gravity. For physical species to travel in space at very high velocity without being crushed by gravity, their vehicle has to be contained within its own gravitational field and entropy. Only this way can the ship accelerate rapidly and shift direction suddenly without the occupants being affected. The mastering of anti-gravity is the first step toward the understanding of interstellar travel, which is by definition interdimensional in nature.”

”Star Elders know the laws of the Omniverse and work with them in harmonious ways. Their most unsophisticated ships use free hydrogen ions abundant in the cosmos, as fuel to propel themselves at speeds near that of light. These crafts are used mainly for short interplanetary trips within star systems, by groups living in denser material realities.”

”Plasma ships represent the next technological level. Instead of physical particles, they use raw plasma as their fuel and source of energy, providing immense power and speeds. Since plasma exists outside of 4D linear time, but can be harnessed in the material plane, it offers a gateway connecting the 4D space-time continuum with the other dimensions. Plasma-fueled ships can travel beyond the speed of light and linear time, in Hyperspace. Plasma is not properly burnt as a fuel, but rather used as an electromagnetic vacuum.”

”To harness plasma it only takes electromagnetic fields that can be easily tapped directly from the cosmos and redirected, or artificially produced, to contain plasma in condensed form. Plasma and electricity are two of the most abundant sources of energy in the cosmos, making their utilization practically unlimited by any lack of resources or fuel.”

”When plasma is condensed with high frequency waves of higher velocity, it manifests in the form of bright glowing hazes, that can be channeled in power rays or energy currents. When it is agglomerated at lower frequencies and speeds, it appears in the form of a raw chaotic substance resembling a mixture of fire, smoke and dust, thicker with pressure. This consistency constitute the munition of plasmic weapons, known by your scientists.”

”Plasma can be used in many ways, for several purposes. Its most frequent application, after locomotion itself and powering the ship’s apparels, is the creation of protective shields, enclosing vessels into their own electromagnetic, gravitational and time fields. This shielding allowing ships to blur out of focus, dim out of view, or cloak to hide, also provides a safe armor guarding against possible attacks, as well as the entropy necessary for accessing interdimensional travel and for the vehicle to be aspired into Hyperspace.”

”You have been shown in dream that a plasma sphere constitutes in itself a space ship that can travel through dimensions of time-consciousness without being perceived in 4D. Highly spiritually evolved beings can also individually apply those same cosmic laws to travel through dimensions of time-consciousness, without the need of an external ship. This is another way how we can teleport and manifest to you anytime and anywhere.”

”Understand that interdimensional travel involves time travel, since each dimension of time-consciousness has its own time and space scale. This is why interdimensional beings like my Sasquatch People or the Star Elders and their ships may appear as flickering in and out of your perceptions in linear time. To illustrate this concept, since your eyes and brain can register and process no more than eighteen images a second, and a camera records thirty or more images a second, sometimes we appear on photos while your eyes cannot see us. But if our vibrational frequency is much higher, we do not even appear on infrared camera of any other physical detector. By raising our frequency and lowering our density, we disappear from the material plane and transcend its restraining limitations.”

”Additionally, there are many other higher forms of interdimensional space-time travel. On the next level, interdimensional tunnels known as wormholes are used as star gates. They can be created through metaphysical combinations, by merging physical particles with their Meta-Matter twins, provoking information codes to fuse in space-beyond-time.”

”The resulting reaction is an immediate access to the 2D Flat Meta-Universe Unified Field. In this One Time-Space, all times and spaces are accessible beyond 4D space-time limits. In other words, accessing the 2D Meta-Universe allows traveling into any spaces or times. This is why many ships of our Star Elders are lenticular in shape, or described as saucers, because they combined the spherical 3D Unified Space Field with the 2D Flat Universe.”

”While cigar-shaped, tubular and cylindrical ships generally are the ones traveling below the speed of light and within linear time, spherical ships usually travel in 3D Hyperspace-beyond-time. Lenticular ships on their end are adapted to travel in the 2D Meta-Universe. They access any area of space or period of time, moving back and forth in continuums. This is what some call the Merkaba, or the Meta-body of the Higher Self, beyond time.”

”Metaphysical understanding is the only one way to achieve multidimensional fulfillment. Remembering and realizing that you are not only a physically incarnated being, but also and most importantly a soul entity of Alter-Matter and a spiritual consciousness essence of Meta-Matter, is the way to understand the divine purpose of existence and evolution.”

”Other than astral projection as previously described, there are higher forms of telepathy. The way we have practiced you and I, since we first met in the Petrified Forest of Arizona in 1983, is by tapping into the universal data bank of the 2D Meta-Universe or Akasha, to access information about any subject of interdimensional knowledge through space-time. This allows us not only to explore, but also to project information about any story or topic.”

”There are those who refuse to believe that interdimensional phenomenons and abilities like natural telepathy do exist; but there are others who want to learn and understand. We will not lose time over the ones who simply deny what they ignore, indulging in blindness. They certainly have not read our message this far without being overwhelmed. But even among those who believe in our existence, there are also several distinctions.”

”Let us start with the beginners. There are Humans who believe that Sasquatch exist, without having had any first hand experience, nor much interest and knowledge about us. They might develop or adopt different theories to explain who they think we could be. Some might believe we are evil Nephilim, not knowing that we oppose those beings. Others pretend we go around abducting, raping, killing and eating your Human people. But they confuse us with a variety of other intraterrestrial beings we protect you from.”

”Some think that because we are wild and free from your material bondage, we must be in need of your rubbish foods, goods, gifts and trinkets, as if we were beasts to habituate. What could you give to your Elder Brother that would be more valuable than respect?”

”Offerings from the heart are well received, if the intention is pure, without expectations. Some believe that because we are an ancient people, we must be dumb and ignorant, so we cannot carry ancient wisdom from the stars learned from millions of years before you. Some think that we can only have rudimentary understanding of the Omniverse, without any profound concept, and primitive ways of communicating, like sticking a few sticks next to each other, banging on trees and rocks, or releasing frightening primal screams.”

”People with those views see us on the physical level, most often within the frame of a Darwinian, or else a religious interpretation. Both extremes of materialist science and religious dogmas lead you away from truth. When your people start to realize that not only are we as real as you are, but we are also interdimensional beings whose existence engages you in recognizing the complexity of your own nature and that of the Omniverse, then a whole new level of understanding brings you to a higher dimension of knowledge.”

”From believers, some become experiencers through encounters with us, although some become experiencers first, turning them into believers. We only let ourselves be seen or heard by the ones we choose, where and when we decide. No encounter is the product of coincidence, so experiencers are contactees. At the beginning, contactees do not usually understand the meaning of their experiences, nor know much about who we really are. Some will be afraid and back off, refusing to repeat the experience or to go deeper into it. Others might seek to learn more, inviting new experiences. They can become repeaters.”

”Contactees are always free to develop further their communications and relations with us, or to end all contacts if they prefer. If they decide willingly on their own to continue their connection with us, they become contactors and communicators, as well as friends. There are many ways to communicate, suited for different persons, but over the course of time, telepathy will eventually be understood as our favorite and most effective way.”

”Some do communicate in telepathy with us, but hear mostly simple words and personal messages. It is because this is where their focus resides. We converse on everyone’s level. We cannot teach quantum physics nor dharmic spiritual healing of souls to little children. Some will feel us, talk to us and dream of us, without ever seeing or hearing us. Among the communicators, there are a few whom we can call ambassadors, for their dedication in making us and our teachings known to Humanity for its beneficial evolution. They are recognized by their involvement in spiritual and peaceful interspecies relations.”

”Fewer are those who communicate with us and experience signs of our presence on an almost daily basis, but you already know several, among your allies in your surroundings. For these, what they learn from us changes their lives in such amazing ways, that they wish to share with their Human peers the lessons and teachings received from our Soul.”

”It is understandable that, with the actual level of your collective consciousness, many if not most Humans are not yet ready to understand or relate to the knowledge shared here. A majority will still see this information as mere fantasy or science-fiction, but time will eventually prove these universal truths to be effectively realities of the Omniverse.”

”My finite created being is not an infinite source of knowledge, but I can connect with the infinite Source of knowledge, just as you can, being an immortal soul of a divine essence. It does not matter so much whether one reaches immortality or not in one’s lifetime incarnation. What really matters is the progress of consciousness achieved in the soul’s evolution. The healing, learning and ascension of the soul is the purpose of existence.”

”You were told by our relative Bolo’Bolo that I would teach you about different hominids. Eventually, I will indeed, when your 4D linear time allows for the transcription of that info. But as for now, we understand that your physical body is exhausted and your energy low. We will not ask any more work from you for now and let you rest in the physical plane.”

”You know well by now that I am known as Kamooh, the far-sighted one, and that I have proven over and over my faithfulness in teaching and supporting your people’s growth. You can feel deep trust and confidence, knowing that I will always return to educate you, whenever you will be available and ready to receive my teachings in your 4D linear time. It is a profound spiritual connection we share, beyond many life times, ages and aeons.”

”Now Little Brother, tell your people that we do love them and care for them very much. It is out of compassion and sympathy for our Younger Brother that we reach out in Peace. We will not let you down, as our destiny is intimately tied to yours on this home-planet. We can also count on the support of our Star Elders watching over us, among which I was given the honor to sit and council. They protect us from oppressive dominating forces.”

”So now my spiritual friend and ally, you can rest your body and soul in 4D linear time. There will be more occasions to catch up, on your educational and evolutionary progress. You can answer the demands of your physical limitations, to indulge in Human existence. This is what the experience of incarnation in a physical species is all about as meant to be. There is no shame in being who you are and at the level where you are, in spite of lacks and weaknesses. You would not be doing this work if you had accomplished all of it. But as 4D limited linear time obliges, we can only progress by steps and quantum leaps.”

”So until next time we communicate and you find time again to transcribe our message, we wish you and your people an ever expanding consciousness and all the loving blessings the Omniverse can offer. There is no fame, no glory, nor personal benefit in accomplishing our spiritual task and dharmic duty; only the satisfaction and happiness of knowing our purpose has been fulfilled, for the best interest of all, to the best of our abilities. With this serenity in the soul, one can envision eternal life as a great blessing.”


  1. Truth just has a way of finding us.. This is profound and deep truth. Thanks to Sunbow and Galactic family K and K Lapseritis you both rock. Cheers Pamela

    1. The Elders' guidance is very much needed at this critical time of transition. Blessings

  2. I just found your site. Good work. Thanks for sharing the message...

    1. Thank YOU for bringing us this wisdom, SunBow :) Blessings