03 December 2016

Cosmic Status of the Lightworkers ~ Udeka Light ~ 18 November 2016

I sure hope we have way more than 144,000 Lightworkers!

Source: Tree of Life in the Light

The lightworkers of 144,000 are composed of three groups, which are DAN tribe, Daynal group and ordinary lightworkers. The portion of each group is DAN tribe (15%), Daynal group (15%) and ordinary lightworkers (70%).

The DAN tribe – born by spiritual differentiation of the Creator – is composed of three groups: Melchizedek group, Avonal group and the direct family line of the Creator.

The Melchizedek group usually takes the role of pioneering the opening of civilizations and they correspond to the role of civil servant. The progenitor of tribes, prophet or great scholar usually come from this group. People from this group design and spread the culture and history of mankind. The Melchizedek group will modify and correct the misled teachings of religions in the course of dimensional ascension. They tend to be working as public speaker or well-known celebrities in real life.

They are also active in publishing books on channeling messages or spiritual teachings. They are more professional in the area of enlightenment than the Daynal group. The key leaders of religions are mainly from the Melchizedek group. They are at the center of establishing civilizations and cultures and take the role of game changer or civilization changer.

The cosmic truths will be delivered to the Melchizedek group according to the time-line in the course of dimensional ascension. They are the royal guards of the Creator and take the role of Alpha (beginning).

The Avonal group is the universal soldiers who support the ruling of the Creator. They back up and assist the Creator in the last time of a planet where all the material civilizations is demolished. This is called “the Bestowal of Avonal”. Their main role is building and operating of PEFA (Protective Energy-Field Area) and correcting of planet’s civilizations.

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