08 December 2016

David Wilcock: Endgame Disclosure - Psychological Warfare, Antarctica, and Disclosure of Advanced Technology ~ Aug Tellez ~ 7 December 2016

Nothing is ever as it seems.
"Continuing the cycle of hatred is the final trick that the control groups use. If enough people carry that in their hearts and minds, then this energy is literally used to construct timelines off of and through this process the whole cycle can be made to continue, however artificial and ultimately damning that process may become.

So the real truth is in uplifting our hearts and each other, WHILE those who are READY uncover the truth and assist in bringing it to the population."

Source: Aug Tellez

He’s putting it down.

Read this if you feel you are stable enough to witness the darkness that plagues.

I reserve my trust or belief in any other ‘alliance’ race. I have seen many things that are spoken of on the internet and in underground meetings.

I only trust myself and those who’m I have been in operation with.

Everything taking place on the surface is a form of psychological warfare. Literally, everything we see is first drawn up by a team and a research group of scientists and psychologists and occultists and then presented to the population after signatures and approvals and tweaking and the rest. Nothing we see up here is actually “happening”, it’s all a preplanned show that they call “Society”.

The unveiling of ancient Antarctic pyramids and structures were the initiation of a new phase of unveiling.

I was informed that the way The Unveiling (disclosure/the event) is handled can be through direct-disclosure being received as soft-disclosure. IE: Various groups releasing such information as ancient Antarctic pyramids existing which clearly indicate that the publicly sold version of history, civilization, and the origins of humanity are not what they seem, yet everyone still just goes along like it’s any other day.

Or, at a certain point, depending on the contradiction or conflict generated between those seeking to unveil the truth and those seeking to cover it up, the disclosure goes overt as a result of that very conflict.

The conflict is between those who have done things they do not want the public to know about and ruled over the masses through these secret groups and pacts.

Please read on....

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