16 December 2016

December 2012 Solstice & December 2016 Solstice Points ~ Denise Le Fay ~ 15 December 2016

Denise Le Fay emphasises and confirms what many have been feeling ~ that we are already in the thick of extremely volatile energies. There is no other way to describe 2016, except....intense.....And if upcoming Solstice is going to be energetically like the one in 2012....all I can say is "get ready for a massive spiritual experience!" And the best news of all, Denise writes that we're already on the higher positive timeline!

Source: High Heart Life

Firstly, don’t let the image above fool you into thinking I mean the obvious because it’s a lot larger than just that. Secondly, this is another one of my articles where it will be helpful if you feel it, discern it, and when needed read between the lines in it, especially the ones that are political. I hate politics, always have, just like I’ve always hated everything patriarchal on this planet because it’s nonhuman Team Dark that’s running all of them and the systems etc. So, like the image above, you know what and who and why I’m referring to without my having to name names. Sometimes I try to share complex Ascension related information without spelling out certain names and/or words that I know and you know certain other people or groups would focus on with negative intent. None of us needs any of that so when needed I drop more breadcrumbs and hints and hope the readers sense with Higher Awareness the multiple layers I’m actually talking about without using certain names, words and so forth.🙄

Zero Zone — that rare short and very powerful shift period of being in transition between the currently completing 9-yearlong cycle and preparing to evolve up to and enter the next higher evolutionary Stair-step that begins on January 1, 2017 or 1-1-1.

This completion year (2016) of the last 9-yearlong cycle is extremely different and much more potent than all preceding ones because it’s happening at the end of the Sun crossing the Galactic Equator or Galactic Alignment. Said another way, this Zero Zone will release us into the NEW of a much higher frequency cycle and place, space via the 1-1-1 energies of NEW beginnings on January 1, 2017. Over time more people will realize that something really huge and very positive has happened.

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