18 December 2016

DNA Activations for Gaia Leading to the Ultimate Shift in Consciousness ~ Lisa Rising Berry & Melissa Reed ~ 16 December 2016

Source: Rising Frequencies

This article is a continuation of the White Horse Prophecy, which was my last article, where I discussed the Mu Chord. This is is the Tibetan word for a heavenly rope that connects as above to as below, spirit to physical. Please read that article for an introduction to the Mu Chord. CLICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE This has been an extremely difficult article to write. The information I came across clairvoyantly and thorough follow-up research was complex. Melissa Reed is my co-writer for this article. As fate had it, she was having psychic experiences that mirrored my physical, and matched my psychic ones as well. We decided to put our energies together for this project. Reader beware, this is not a short article, and will most likely continue. We are focusing our attention on how the Mu Cord will connect the new energetic Earth with our current physical Earth, and how DNA plays a huge role. We will also discuss how this is described in allegory in many different traditions through history. We are living in the time where this will become our reality, and everything we think we know will change.

The Mu Cord is DNA. The energetic Earth contains the correct Mu Cord information that the physical Earth needs to shift into our new school. The physical Earth does not vibrate at the level of the new Mu Cord, and this is where DNA Activations for Gaia are necessary. As we will explain in our article this will quickly raise the vibrations so the Mu Cord connection can take place. This will raise us up from the fires of Azoth which are currently burning. Since this is a long article, here is a bit of what we will cover. We will discuss our personal experiences with DNA Activations recently, Ammon’s horn and it how relates to the hippocampus…(I wrote about a deer experience in my last article, now I know what it meant), the Tibetan aspect of the final white horse which leads us to the new energy, the Pegasus planet and how Pegasus exists with us and Gaia, the fire of Azoth is connected to Dante’s Inferno, and finally Olmo Lung Ring which is the location of where the Mu Cord will be connected, and a bit more. As always we will bring it all together and discuss what this means for us right now, today.

I discussed in a previous article how I am returning to my roots with my Mystery School egypt-adeptstradition, which is connected to the Lineage of King Solomon.  It is part of my very vast practice, it might not be for everyone, but it works for me.  Part of this tradition is DNA activations given in the same manner as was done in the temples of Egypt.  Since we are on a new timeline and new energy etc… it felt right for me to partake of this energy.  I decided to schedule two activations with my Mystery School teacher.  My experiences after both were profound.  After the first one, I woke up in the middle of the night with my eyes rolled back into my head up towards the center of my brain.  That is what it felt like.  I had zero control over this.  I saw colors, shapes and my whole body vibrated like when during Kundalini events.  But this was not Kundalini, this was taking place in my brain.  It released and then my eyes rolled back again.  This repeated three times.  I felt like my body had disappeared.  

The next day I accidently saw a lecture being given and I listened.  The teacher was describing what I had just experienced.  I was in a state of Jhanas, which was caused by my recent energy work.  Wow!  After that experience I had a second one.   I  saw a new computer screen for me.  (I have written about how I have an inner computer screen that I can access)  It was black with different words around the edge.  I then heard a loud computer sound.  It sounded like a re-boot.  Then I heard a very faraway computer sound that was not connected to my body.  At that point all sound in my room went away.  I must mention that I was awake for this.  I had a fan on in my room, and I couldn’t hear it for a couple of seconds.  I figured that we lost power.  So, I opened my eyes expecting to see the clock blinking.  But it was the same, we had not lost power.  When I closed my eyes again I saw so many words going past my screen that I couldn’t control it.  They moved so fast, so I didn’t get to write a thing down.  I could tell that the second computer sound was coming from the Earth.  Something happened to the planet that caused me not to be able to hear and connect.  I can always tell when I am experiencing my personal stuff and when I am tuning into Earth stuff.  This time the lines came together.  I still did not understand what it all meant until talked to Melissa during her session.  She put the pieces of the puzzle together for me, and my jaw hit the floor as I heard he tell me what she and a friend just experienced.  On that note, I am going to pass the pen to her,, and I will bring it all together at the end of her story.

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