11 December 2016

Energy Update: Big Circles, Small Circles, Division and Connection ~ Lee Harris ~ 6 December 2016

Here is the summary that Lee Harris has provided for this month's energy update; you can also listen to what he has to say at the same link.


Some are still experiencing a U.S. ELECTION ENERGY HANGOVER, characterized as DISORIENTATION, and (more extremely), an internal rise of the effects of Trauma (emotional/psychological reactions). Shock or disbelief at the rise of DIVISION ENERGIES in the world was a theme for many in November. The cracks in society and our current governing structures have become more obvious and more surfaced than we have seen before. This causes internal emotional movement for most.

Some people are getting STUCK in those difficult places inside themselves, others are seeing it accelerate FAST PERSONAL CLEARINGS and HEALINGS resulting in MAJOR BREAKTHROUGHS around IDENTITY, FREEDOM, PRESENCE and CONNECTION.

So if you feel stuck or LOCKED into a cycle of FEAR, ANGER or DISILLUSIONMENT as a result, by all means honor the downward spiral you have gone into.

BUT at the same time, do WHATEVER YOU CAN to attend to healing those parts of yourself. Choose good community, dance, yoga, meditation, creativity, communion with nature and animals to invite light back into your daily reality. If in crisis, focus on DEEP HEALING or therapeutic help. Get support from sources that work for you - healers, therapists, practices, self-retreat time, and keep doing this daily until you notice yourself beginning to lift out of the depths. Be PATIENT and PERSISTENT with this process.

Feeling your feelings is great and important, but when the negative dominates for too long, a downward pattern can develop and it is important to invite yourself back UP the spiral of life. And bring BALANCE back in.

LEARNING BALANCE is especially important for all of us now. Learning to SELF-CARE at A NEW LEVEL.

ANXIETY AND MENTAL FEAR OF THE FUTURE has obsessed some in recent weeks. If this is you, remember that fear thoughts always have hooks into the past - usually based on past history/past trauma in the body. For soul-led and awake people (who often experience dimensions beyond just 3D reality), the fear thoughts can come from ANCESTRAL AND COLLECTIVE PATTERNS that you are tapping into empathically.

Use the mantra “I RELEASE ANY ENERGIES AND EMOTIONS THAT ARE NOT MINE” to help you re-centre in what is truly yours in this present moment.

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