20 December 2016

Energy Updates ~ Tim Whild ~ 19 December 2016

I found Tim Whild's short updates relevant, in view of the tomorrow's Solstice and that massive Cosmic proton bursts that just hit. I'll copy both here in full for the benefit of those without fb.

Source: Tim Whild

19 December
Mercury Retrograde...vast photon discharges...Solstice downloads....it can only be the end to 2016 folks! 😂

Jokes aside, the energies are here to serve us. I'm guided to remind myself to breathe....and to share this with you also.
Sometimes the simplest of techniques are the most effective, and conscious breathing is the fastest way to remove ourselves from our heads and return us to the now moment. Which is where we need to be.

So...keep breathing. Focus upon it if the day starts moving to fast and feel yourself return to centre.

Love and blessings,


18 December
Aaaand.....off we go! This is it folks, the last energy switch/clear of the year highlighted by the Mercury Retrograde that starts today.

This Retrograde is being used as a 'wind-down'. The past 11 months have seen a colossal amount of transformation and everyone has been challenged. And some...

The physical symptoms for the energy shifts peaked around a week ago. This Retrograde is to be savoured. It lasts until the 8th of January, and will allow us that necessary period to reassess stuff that was not serving us or was out of alignment.

Despite the slower conditions that this energy may present, remember who's in charge of YOUR reality. It's you. If things are tricky and not running right, stop and hit the reset button. Mercury only becomes oppositional when we are not paying attention to the signs of the Universe.

It's two days until the Solstice now so get ready for your Light Bath! 

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