15 December 2016

Forecast for 2017 ~ Teal Swan ~ 13 December 2017

Source: Teal Swan

Progress is impossible without change. In a previous blog titled “The Rat Cage”, I explained that every time you had to sit in a classroom and learn about things you had no interest in, any time you had to pay taxes, any time you had to go to work when you didn’t want to, any time you watched the corruption in the world and couldn’t do anything about it, every time authority made you feel powerless over your own life, every time you wanted to be authentic but couldn’t for fear of consequences… you desired to be free. You desired radical change. Like so many generations before you, you felt like your life was a rat cage and you wanted out of the rat cage. But because of the strength of the rat cage... The bills to pay, mouths to feed, reputation to uphold, people to not let down, you stayed stuck while desiring freedom.

An average man is invested in and only believes in the world of physical action. To this man, desire is nothing more than an abstraction. He does not understand that desire is the fuel for universal expansion. It is desire that pre-paves our physical reality. Desire is the momentum of the river that is carrying us in the direction of whatever it is that we want. All evolution owes itself to this precursor. Every thought we think, word we speak and action we take is nothing more than compliance or resistance to the direction of that momentum. And that vibrational momentum gets to a point where it cannot be stopped. The momentum of the collective desire for radical change cannot be stopped. We are all subject to the current of that river.

2016 was the year of purification. Imagine that you are about to make a serious change in your life relative to where you live. First, you would have to let go of your attachment to where you live currently.

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