20 December 2016

Here It Comes.....The Build-Up Before the Finale?

Thank you to the wonderful Souls who were helping me keep an eye on this development over the past week 💜  Let's hope that this is Cosmic in nature, and not dark tech at work.

Looks like we're seeing something phenomenal! No, I don't think it's the Cosmic Wave or Big One....yet ~ I wouldn't be sitting here writing this if it were. BP identifies this as a Proton wave. Whatever it was, it certainly explains the stirring emotions that started over the weekend.

BP Earth Watch's video is here,  and here for Dutchsinse.

1 comment:

  1. In 48 hours, Mother & Father after a 19 billion year journey, return into perfect Balanced Harmonics... This will Change Everything. It's On, and we are on Fire! Energies ablazing, sparking grandness. Get your Krayon. Kryon of Magnetic Service, here in representation as we await your arrival into the Crystal Cities.