19 December 2016

Higher Dimensions, Black Goo, Nanotech, Secret Projects, Time Travel (Pre-Show Discussion Part 2) ~ Aug Tellez and Lance White ~ 13 December 2016

Only 23 minutes in length but Lance White fluently covers several points regarding Humanity's convoluted state of affairs, both historical and current. No small or idle chatter here, both Lance and Aug Tellez deliver a long checklist. Aug briefly explains The Event, and acknowledges the transformational effect this major shift into higher consciousness will have on Humanity. He also reveals that he was told, six years ago, that this would likely take place in "....the Fall of this year".

Aug speaks a bit about some beings who are playing god in order to be the major race here on Earth through timeline manipulations, something that Andrew Bartzis has explained in greater details in many of his interviews.

Please access the discussion here.

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