28 December 2016

I Am The Light ~ Matt Kahn ~ 15 December 2016

Another beneficial session from Matt Kahn, with a dose of humour to help us along.

I Am The Light, The Light I Am....what a wonderful reminder to ourselves as this year draws to a close; this reminder is also what will guide us through the New Year.

Some points that Matt covered include:
  • Partnership between Personal Self and Divine Self
  • The Light that walks beside you is the Light that already dwells within
  • The magic words are I AM THE LIGHT, THE LIGHT I AM
  • The decathlon, the labyrinth, the obstacle course will go on forever and ever "until you stop and declare that you are the Light of all, and you declare that NOW"
  • You must use your words to declare the Truth so that the Truth has permission to wake up in you.

Here for the video.

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