01 December 2016

Immense Energetic Changes Affecting Our Bodies, Our Lives ~ Dr Meg Blackburn Losey ~ 30 November 2016

The following is just the part that pertains to the current situation. You can read the whole message, which includes a special Buy-1-Free-1 reading, at Spiritlite.

I wanted to talk with you briefly before the next newsletter to tell you that the energy are whacked right now. In a powerful way that is affecting many.

I talked with you before about the changes I am seeing in the etheric anatomy and that many veils have come down, well a better way to put it is that they just down right disappeared. Because of that we are able to see much farther back in the history of our clients and are finding all manner of artifacts, errors, wordings and strange anomalies in the fields. Since I first mentioned this, these are increasing and the results of repairing these ancient issues are remarkable in their effect. People are losing pain, healing in the ways they needed and re becoming clear enough to begin the awakening they seek.

Further, the energies that are so intense right now are affecting everyday life. The most common occurrence is money issues. Missing money, bank errors, software issues relative to accounts, shortages and even unexpected windfalls. I have been watching this for a while and it has been powerful. Have you yet had the experience of ordering one item and receiving it several times? Or finding unexpected checks in the mail? Stay tuned this is happening often.

What we need to watch is our reactivity. There are many high emotions going on these days and differing opinions. Look everyone, if we continue to walk our light in the world we DO make a hug difference because out Light is source Light and IS CONTAGIOUS. Please don't get sucked in to the current side taking, media or political issues. DO YOUR PART live the light, shine like you have never shined. Please do not get caught up in the fear mongering that is going on.If you run into civil servant such as a police officer, fireman or others, buy them a cup of coffee, or simply show them gratitude. They are meant to keep the peace but are being forced into scared and aggressive modes. A simple kindness can help prevent service gone wrong.

I heard a great story yesterday that a little boy called 911 to ask the police over for a piece of pie. The children know. We are watching the Millennials stand up and speak in ways that are beginning to change our world. They are a force from the Heavens. They are inventing new technologies that are proving what some of us have said for decades. They are helping people and are not participating in what has been destructive to previous generations. Follow their lead. They are pure, brilliant and know what they are doing.

And the newest little ones coming in, the Children of Light, are being born with all frequencies. They are so new I am not yet sure of their capabilities but energetically? They look like heaven embodied since their fields unlike those before them are pure white. I predicted this back in 2006. I said it would be 8 years (well actually it was the Masters who told me this) and they began coming two years ago. If you are able to see energy, look at pictures of the new little ones. They shine like crazy.

So hold on to your faith for humanity ok? No matter what goes on in our world we are all the same. We are aspects of creation being expressed in human form so that we can have the experience of life. Life with tangible senses with now more added. Consciousness is reigning in our bodies, minds, spirits and beyond. If you are in fear let it go. Fear is a choice and not even a reality it is a what if. If you feel stuck or lost, what is keeping you there are your choices. Listen, everything is a choice. Everything. Some may argue about powerlessness when things seem so huge but the truth is that we have the free will to choose and choose and choose again.Take the high road for yourself. The only thing we are responsible for is our doings. No one else's.

This holiday season let's make it about heart. Our souls are patiently waiting for us to express the truth of the love we are created of. Let 'er rip. Do something special for someone today. Someone you don't know. Or maybe someone you do. The point is, heart can't be contained. That is a perception. Put it into action. People often ask me how do I find my passion as if it is an achievement. Remember that passion is simply love in action. Put it to work. Ti will come back a thousand fold.

To each of you, all my love. I wish you joy in your hearts, laughter in your days and one in everything that you do. Have a beautiful Holiday Season. I hope that my session special helps some of you get the work that you need that maybe you otherwise might not have been able to. I am paying it forward will you?

Infinite Blessings, Meg

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  1. There is no divide between head and shoulder right now all that is deleting by Energy