22 December 2016

In Conclusion and With Blessings ~ Maureen Moss ~ December 2016

Very nice message to end the year.

Source: Maureen Moss

Dearest Hearts,

Within these final days of an epic Iife cycle, I pray you are well.

My sincere apologies for not sending a newsletter in November, and this one being deep into December.

These months have been ones of sacred review, looking into every nook and cranny to see what might still be lurking from the false matrix requiring eviction, bringing final parts of mySelf that were lost to myself home, unwinding from a last minute unexpected twist of drama belonging to another time. And then, a profound lovingly relentless eight-day deep clearing and immersion into the Christ Consciousness…so clearly present now on this earth.

These concluding months have been full as well with writing for The New Human sessions and unexpectedly beginning my 5th book.

The greatest blessing of all has been to sincerely witness my life with fading attachment, very little self-indictment (at long last,) and with far greater respect and love then I have ever held for myself.

Certainly there is more to come and though I feel rather tender and protective of mySelf, the Spirit of my being is celebrating. For the first time in many many lifetimes I taste the sweet nectar of freedom.

I am clear there is nothing more to learn nor process from the Matrix of Duality. And certainly, there is nothing, absolutely nothing to master from it.

Onward now into full rapport with Christed Consciousness, rejuvenation (don’t we all need it), regeneration and creation of a New Reality initiated by Love, held by Love and grounded by Love.

In Conclusion

As you now conclude this year and life cycle not of nine years… but of hundreds of thousands of years… whereby true identities were forged, capacities diminished, minds tampered with, DNA deactivated and abuse and manipulation (both self and global) reigned falsely (s)upreme, it is not a moment to soon to use these days to overturn any pieces left of a counterfeit reality… not first in the world…but first within yourself.

That, I am informed, is the greatest service you can offer to the stabilization of the New World… to the expansion of the Cosmos… and to yourself as a New Human.

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