23 December 2016

Message From The Masters ~ via Meg Blackburn Losey ~ 21 December 2016

The Masters' message appears after Meg's personal message.

Source: Spirit Lite

Greetings to Each of you! As promised, this is my year end online messages for 2016. We have seen so much in our world this year. I talked with you previously about things balancing and how even though things don’t always look like we thought we are creating, ultimately the balance of what we have placed in the common consciousness is forcing a new balance. This just takes time.

In all of this we must be strong and stand our ground. Walk our talk. Maintain our Faith as it is Faith that carries us every single moment when we are in truth. Walking our truth is contagious, sparking tiny rememberings in everyone we touch that can ultimately become something beautiful for them. Think of it as planting seeds. We are aspects of creation correcting a serious imbalance. When we walk our lives in complete truth the seeds we plant grow because creation listens. Each and every one of us is an important factor in this.

As time has passed since I last wrote, I have continued to see veils disappearing in the multidimensional worlds and our etheric anatomies continuing to change. We are releasing past life hurts, injuries, and negative experiences and emotions like crazy. We must remember to let go of our resistance if these releases are to complete. Often I see deep clouding in the Causal level of my clients where subconscious or conscious resistance to embodying the truth and being free of encumbrances brought on by beliefs, conditioning when we were young, life experiences, pretty much anything can create resistance. When we carry that against our truer nature our fields get clogged up with past energies that cannot release because our fields are too tense. Tension in our fields causes serious backups of energy flow which also means how well we do or do not hear our greater nature and communication from creation that guides and directs our clear path.

Having a clear path to walk in our lives is vital to what we want to create, what we desire, what we dream of and frankly how we live and what obstacles do or do not come our way. What we fear comes or we become challenged in unpredictable ways when our fields are too tense to let our desires into Creations’ perfect wishing well so to speak. Much of the time we do not even recognize our resistance until it hits us over the etheric head and life doesn’t look like we wanted.

I have been asked so many times I can’t count, “How do I get to that place, that place where you live, to recognize my own perfection and hear my guides and guidance?” Well here is the secret which really isn’t one at all. What causes us to become defended is our belief that we are anything less than perfect. Those beliefs cause us to become defended. When we are defended our field tenses and then our infinite communication abilities become hindered and we feel stuck, disappointed, worse. The truth is that when we look honestly and deeply and find the beliefs, emotions, whatever it is that we fear and try to protect ourselves about and then own them we can truly become free of them. Once more thing gets us there ~ Gratitude. Every experience we have had either teaches us or we don’t let it. In either case, it is not necessary to roll around in past pain. All we need to do is face it then give it gratitude for bringing us to now whatever this now is like in our lives and  know without a doubt that once we are free from those old things we can create anything. It happened to me.

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