05 December 2016

Nourishment ~ Untwine ~ 4 December 2016

I can completely relate to Untwine's cautionary note about this topic; when I posted about this topic before (here), I felt compelled to issue a warning :)

Source: Recreating Balance

This blog is not really meant to be about food and nutrition, but it is an aspect of life for which the cabal has spent so much energy to program the population, and it has many ethical, energetic, and environmental ramifications so I will dedicate one article to it.

I do not believe that food is the most important aspect of our lives and liberation, and being overly concerned and stressed about it is also unhealthy, however many lives and the planetary situation can improve a lot by deprogramming ourselves even a little bit, as I will show here.

Food is something that many people do not want to question, for 4 main reasons :

1. Food is the way children are taught love, through breastfeeding and the relationship with their parents especially in early years. This creates many subconscious emotional associations with food.

2. Food is associated with survival, and many people can get triggered when their perceived source of survival is questioned.

3. Food is often associated with social connections : people eat together, and historically people gathered food together. Most people do not want to do differently than the masses and their closed ones, because subconsciously it is associated with being isolated which can be dangerous for survival (especially historically).

4. Many substances in food can cause addictions and the cabal has purposely promoted that. Addicts can be triggered when questioned, especially when they are not aware they are addicts.

Please keep this in mind while reading this article. And for that reason, I will stick here mostly to facts, and back many things I am saying with conclusive scientific studies.

Please read on....

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