24 December 2016

Personal Update 24 December 2016

I had intended to write this up after the Solstice, but just couldn't get round to it. Each time I set aside some time to do this, I would find that there were messages and articles from others that I wanted to post instead.

As is always the case, there was a reason for that. Yesterday, Denise Le Fay wrote something that connected some critical points together, forming a very nice Big Picture. That was when I felt the time was right to get to my own writing. However, that didn't happen yet again because too many family obligations cropped up, this being the "festive" season and all that.

This morning, while in meditation, I saw several visions ~ they are relevant to what I had wanted to write about, so that was what needed to happen first before I could finally sit down to get this done.

The December Solstice and Related Meditation

As I had mentioned briefly previously, I was prepared for some challenges during the Solstice. Turns out that I had nothing to be concerned about, because the day felt like a flowing, soothing Galactic breeze. I felt a joyous calm and inner peace ~ I had described it as "heavenly" and "magical". It felt to me that I had tasted a teensy morsel of Life in the higher consciousness, something that is currently beginning to present as the lower energies dissipate.

When it came time for the Solstice meditation organised by Prepare For Change, I was all set and ready to go, after immensely and gratefully enjoying the day of high frequency bliss.

After giving up trying to join online (the site crashed), I went with the video instead. I can't speak for everyone, but the meditation was incredible! It was easy to get into, and it flowed beautifully like the day. Then, without warning, I went off the meditation and instead saw Phoenixes rising majestically from all over the globe, upward into the sky.

This was really unexpected, but I stayed with the vision.

The Phoenixes were in full glory, looking magnificent in their elegance. They were beautiful beyond belief and looked utterly Divine. Then I noticed their chest ~ there were big plates that were shaped like elongated hexagons. This "armour" gleamed as bright as the sun, and looked like they were made of gold with rainbow hues. I could feel the immense strength and power of the armour, which only served to add to the splendour of an already awe-inspiring sight. The armour itself felt utterly Divine as well. I use the word "armour" because that's what it felt like to me, but let me state now that this "armour" is very much part of the Phoenix ~ it was like its feathers.

The energies became potent, powerful and very profound. I soon had tears rolling down my face; even writing this now, I feel so moved. I'm sorry to say that I wasn't with the meditation much after that, because the vision was so compelling. The energy of Source was so evident in what I saw and felt.

Unification of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

Denise did a great job in stitching up several crucial components to paint us a bigger picture of what's happening. I know I haven't yet explained my vision....I'm coming to that now, using Denise's article.

When I read it yesterday, I wanted to jump up in excitement. I couldn't do that because I was working through my lunch in a very public area (very busy day) but I can assure you I did a little mental dance!

In her article, Denise talked about the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, and also referred to Aluna Joy's work which involved the Rainbow Serpent and Plumed Serpent leylines, representing the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, respectively.

In my vision, I described the Phoenixes and their armour. After the meditation, I got that each Phoenix represents the unified Divine Feminine (Phoenix) and Masculine (armoured feather) energies. The glorious Beings were symbolic of what the overall energies of the Planet and Humanity are becoming, as well as signifying what each of us are becoming in our own Ascension process.

So when I read Denise's update, I felt elated! But that's not all.....Denise also wrote this:
‘The Phoenix has risen, anew from its own ashes of evolutionary transformation.’

I really wanted to start writing my own update yesterday, especially after reading Denise's article, but just couldn't get to it. It was a very long day for me, and I was exhausted by the time I could finally get to bed at 2:30am.

More Visions

This morning, while in meditation, I was presented with a series of scenarios one after another in quick succession. It made no sense to me but I let it run until it completed. Then it made perfect sense!

All the scenarios that I saw had a very 3D feel about them. I got that they represented hu-manity, using Gaia Portal's term. There was something very positive and Light-filled about all the scenes, with an underlying current of expectancy.

In general, what I saw were doors closing on old realities, with new doors leading to higher vibrational existences. There were also several scenes where "officials" were present to guide people to and through the new doors. I also saw "tickets" made from what felt like precious elements/metals (neither gold nor silver) being handed out, and people were encouraged to take one each. Towards the end of this busy visual series, I saw children stepping into crystal shoes that were glowing with Light in many hues.

I think the message is rather obvious, but I'll just state it anyway :)

The series depict the general population going through an accelerated mass awakening into higher consciousness. They will be greatly assisted by others (presumably those already awakened or our Star Family, including the Agarthans), and will receive much encouragement and guidance to accept and go through their own Ascension (the "tickets").

And the children....this one felt so wonderful! They will be coming "online" in a big way, stepping into their own Crystal/Christ Consciousness. Theirs would be as easy as slipping on their shoes, and then their Light will begin to shine bright.

This has turned out to be much longer than I had expected, so I will quickly conclude now. I feel that as we go into the new year of 2017, there's so much to look forward to. Our work cannot stop now, nor can we give up. As this year draws to a close, we can look back and see that it's been equivalent to many lifetimes of transformation, even though it feels like we only just welcomed in 2016 a couple of months ago. We will keep going, because that's what we need to do :)

Thank you for accompanying me on my path, Namaste and Blessings 💜

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