31 December 2016

Special Day 1-1-1 New Year ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 30 December 2016

Source: Meg Benedicte

During the final hours of 2016, we are still integrating the powerful Ascension upgrades that were activated by the Solstice Stargate gamma waves from the galactic sun. Many experienced multiple physical symptoms these past weeks as the body adjusts to the increasing Light frequency.

This spurred massive clearings of lower-vibe energies from the human energy field and also from the collective. Now is the perfect time to address unresolved issues, conflicts, karma and emotional trauma in your life. Being a ‘9’ year enhances all action to tie up loose ends and bring all into the divine light for transmutation.

If you’re feeling it, nurture your human self through the shifts. Take advantage of earth-bound Capricorn to ground and anchor the new energies into your being. If you feel airy or disassociated, you may need to ground more than once a day. There were moments this past week when it felt like I was walking on air…a sign I need to get grounded quickly.

Clearly something unusual is happening on planet earth! As the galactic photonic waves permeate the planetary field, Gaia is ascending into the 5th dimensional realm of consciousness.
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