09 December 2016

The Cosmic Dream and Sphere of Amenti ~ Aug Tellez ~ 11 November 2016

Dreamtime Sisters ~ Colleen Wallace Nungarrayi

If read in tandem with "The Emerald Tablets of Thoth" and Noel Huntley's "Fall of Man", both of which feature the Sphere of Amenti, this article from Aug Tellez provides an expanded angle to subject. Aug also mentions previous civilisations trying to overwrite "save points", much like what Andrew Bartzis has said about ancient civilisations trying to become the first (native) species of Earth through timeline genocide wars. Aug gives an expanded meaning to the dreamtime narrative of the Aborigines.

Source: Aug Tellez

This reality is being dreamed up from another level.

This particular dream is founded on the concept that the dream-people would be given the opportunity to play a role in shaping the dream.

As a result some people sought power to control more and more of the dream.

As a result of that, some people basically developed “cheat-codes” using advanced technology, secrecy, and knowledge of the dream-world/soul in order to control the rest of the dream.

The dream quickly became a kind of advanced “video-game” system where parts could be upgraded, great distances traveled, and high-scores toppled with each new layer of adventure.

Some gained access to the core of the “Checkpoint” system, or each saved portion of the game. As a result of manipulation of this system directly, an attempt to basically hack the cheat-codes from the “GUI” or graphical/surface interface level, a disruption within the core-processor began to ripple out ward.

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This disruption is essentially ripples of increased intensity that reflect a level “16” game player’s environment, with all the cheats activated and some very high-level adventures going, and these are rippling outwards towards everyone on the surface at a level “2” game-player environment with only a few cheat codes activated (if any) and only one or two “level-ups”. If this high-intensity ripple reaches these surface players before they power up the to an adaptable level, it would entirely destroy their game-adventure rendering all their “save-points” useless and unanchored. Basically, they won’t be able to pick up where they left off if they don’t level up this time around.

What is called the “Sphere of Amenti” is basically the last “save-point” for this species. This “save-point” must be reached through a continuous accessing of higher and higher levels until enough “upgrades” are reached so that the intensity of the new information coming through will not completely blast the surface level players out of the water.

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