03 December 2016

The New Human ~ Mary Rodwell & Alexis Brooks ~ 19 October 2016

Time to put up our feet for an hour and just enjoy this interview, which you can access from Higher Journeys. There's a write-up there, as well as a podcast in addition to the video, so you can proceed there directly while I share some personal thoughts below.

I particularly was happy to come across this interview because Mary Rodwell explained something that had bothered me somewhat over the years. As someone who is personally interested in the "New Kids" phenomena which gathered momentum in the late 90s (and quite frankly, got out of control when Lightworkers placed these children on a pedestal), I had always accepted and personally observed that many of these kids demonstrated some traits which were labelled Autism or Asperger's by the medical sector. I had understood that they are telepathic, see the world differently (multi-dimensionally) and processed information in ways that were not recognised by the educators, and not accepted by Society.

Then some years ago, I learnt that Autism and its related "conditions" were brought on by vaccinations. That made me quite confused, because I wasn't prepared to jettison what I had painstakingly researched for this new piece of information. While I do not doubt that vaccinations can lead to autistic conditions in children, I was also unwilling to accept that ALL Autistic kids were a result of the vile things they placed in those poisons.

Look at it this way. The New Kids ~ at least those who were unfortunate enough to be "diagnosed" and "treated" ~ were largely labelled with Autism and Asperger's. But they were exceedingly bright, wise Old Souls with obvious abilities, one of which is telepathy. I cannot for one fleeting moment imagine that the dark would want to intentionally mass-infect children and make them wise beyond their years, and psychic to boot. They would wish to do the exact opposite ~ suppress and dull the New Kids' abilities in any way they can, to prevent them from carrying out their Light missions! Which is what I believe the vaccines do....they produce serious issues in children that negatively impact their neurological and sensory development ~ which produce the conditions that the medical sector then label as Autism.

So it was with much relief and gratitude when I heard Mary explain this, simply and wisely. These New Kids display traits which are labelled as Autism/Asperger's because of their advanced abilities; the vaccines cause Autism, but the condition is an impairment of developmental abilities. Same "conditions", but on the surface only.

It's also encouraging to hear that one of Mary's "clients" reported that we've been to this point three times before and didn't make it, but this time it's 95-100% certainty that we will.

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