13 December 2016

The Several Stages of Awakening, and their Relations to the Different Phases of the Universal Law of Attraction ~ Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, PhD ~ 3 November 2016

Source: Multidimensional Consciousness

Reprint of the text from the November 2016 Issue of the Eden Magazine


It is clear that earth is currently undergoing divine energetic changes and these changes are causing the awakening of the masses, spearheading mankind’s genetic evolution, and preparing us for ascension to higher dimensions of consciousness. And, awakening progresses in different stages. Herein, the author has classified man’s awakening into 4 stages that are commensurate with the 4 phases of the UNIVERSAL LAW OF ATTRACTION. A discussion of these stages, dubbed as ‘ATTENTION,’ ‘INTENTION,’ ‘ALLOWANCE,’ and ‘SYNCHRONICITY’ has been presented. Furthermore, the impact of awakening on a diverse group of human souls has been explicated.


What is exactly wrong with our society? Why are people so unhappy? Why is there so much skepticism and distrust among people?

The financial system has crumbled. It is impossible to trust any politician. No one cares about professionalism and work pride. There is no longer any morality left. The family structure has been totally collapsing. Simple misapprehensions soon turn into conflicts or skirmishes. There is no longer any patience or perseverance. There is no ‘giving’ and it is all about ‘taking.’ It is all about the ‘self’ and the ‘number one.’ There is no consideration for others. There is no ‘compassion.’ Self-indulgence, decadence, and hedonism are the only popular pursuits. Game playing, lies, deceits, and dishonesty, are the widespread tactics for accomplishment, for achieving success. In contrast, straightforwardness, honesty, and open expressions, are perceived as alarming trends for being a simpleton or a fool. Law suits and legal battles are at all-time high. The majority of lawyers are the most unethical, unprincipled individuals, and form the most immoral sectors of the society. Overcharging is the standard practice of the day. ‘Money’ seems to be almost ALL that the majority of humanity is occupied with. There is constantly war in one part of the globe or another. People are constantly starving all over the world. There is disease and pestilence. The advent of a new form of energy does not seem to be ever in the horizon. Fossil fuel and gas are still the energetic norms. There is the evidence of inordinate amount of pollution in the air, water, ground, and even beneath the surface of the Earth.

Mother Earth has begun to express her grievances through increased number of earthquakes, tsunamis, and severe volcanic activities. Extreme weather is manifesting itself through severe hurricanes, floods, and tornados. Other parts of the world are plagued by punishing draught. The extreme weather and tectonic plate shifts are occurring as a result of Mother Earth’s aversion and rage to mankind’s obnoxious, abusive, treatment of her natural resources in the past and present. She is earnest and diligent to, once for all, cleanse and purify herself of the contagion she has been enduring and persevering in recent and foregoing millennia. And, in a concerted effort, she wishes to re-stabilize and revitalize her resources once more. She does not have a terminal detestation for humanity, but for its ignorance. In contrast, she is regenerating and rejuvenating her surface beauty, as well as re-energizing and invigorating her resources in order to, once again, provide shelter, and to be a refreshing source for the mankind. She is not to be considered as malicious or vindictive as she is with the ‘light’ and she is compassionate and she is forgiving. There will be moments of discomfort, anxiety, and even dread or terror while Mother Earth is cleansing and renewing herself. However, these sensations are not everlasting and shall all pass.

All these disasters, ‘natural,’ or man-made, germinate a seed of curiosity ‘Within,’ generating a craving desire ‘to want to know.’ Of course, those who are tightly fear-based in their ‘rationale,’ often have an evasive attitude towards all this. They may resort to anger or to denial. They are often saturated by controversy and plagued by the ill emotions and sensations of the past, whether in this lifetime, or during previous incarnations. Whatever ‘type’ the person may be classified as, the sensation is there, ‘Within.’ In one case, an unpleasant gnawing feeling, in another, a sense of welcomed curiosity. In all cases, it is a diverse form of awakening. It is all there ‘Within’ and hidden. It has just not yet manifested itself, and it has various stages of cocooning before it becomes alive and transparent and presents itself to the physical or active conscious mind.

Stage I of Awakening: 

Stage I refers to the incipient moment of awakening. It is the juncture of ‘ATTENTION,’ corresponding to the FIRST phase of the UNIVERSAL LAW OF ATTRACTION. It is, indeed, the incipient point of awakening. It is the first spark, the initial moment of conception for a new reality to set in. Those who are ‘old souls’ and those who have lived many lifetimes on the 3D Earth are usually more self-confident and less prone to fear. These individuals want to know more. For this reason, they do not want to let go of this explosive moment. They are not afraid to pursue with this sensation of inquisitiveness they have newly ‘found’ or experienced. They feel they are onto something well-meaning, something big and want to research it further. They find themselves occupied; not in an unpleasant way, but actually in an enticing manner. They want to dig more ‘Within,’ and find out where the actual notion comes from. For some, this will eventually follow an intense period of research and of silent reflection. It should be elaborated that for some, the reaction is completely different. Some try to repudiate this moment of new reality creation. Some get terrified by the thought. Some tend to humor themselves by mocking the sensation. Others inherently see a certain enticement to the notion; yet they have been taught from the dawn of their experience in the ‘3D reality of duality’ to be cautious. So, they do not want to be subject to humiliation, or be ridiculed. At this stage, both fear and ego are very much in the game.

Only ‘old souls’ and highly self-assured, very bold, and ‘unique’ individuals are at ease at this stage. It should be explicated here that by inference to ‘old souls,’ it is considered that these individuals have a high degree of conscience arising from many lifetimes of positive or ‘resolved’ experiences. Therefore, these individuals do not typically suffer from ‘karma’ or ‘victim consciousness’ syndrome. This means that the majority of the significant karmic feelings of anger or dismay arising from experiencing injustice and mal-treatments of any kind in this or preceding lifetimes have been cleansed by the individual in question. Victim consciousness infers a silly ego-based disorder transparent in a great deal of individuals on the present Earth, which pertains to a condition that the individual almost invariably refuses to take responsibility for her or his action by always blaming any problem on someone else or to a set of imagined circumstances. Since the individual never takes the initiative to oblige oneself to feel accountable for her or his action, the process of clearing can never occur. As a result, the individual does not learn to reiterate on his/her action, and benefit from the experience. In contrast, excess ‘baggage’ often accumulates in the present life and from the previous incarnations. It should be noted here that in basically all cases of victim consciousness, the individual is 100% responsible for the outcomes of his/her experiences. Even if it is postulated that others have been responsible for one’s karma by desecrating one’s right of Free Will, the same individual can acknowledge, respect, and exercise her/his own right of Free Will by ‘walking away’ and exercise compassion and forgiveness. Therefore, the terminology of ‘old soul’ refers to individuals who are no longer plagued by neither karma nor victim consciousness irrespective of their number of reincarnations in the past, absent of  ‘excess baggage,’ who do not suffer from inferiority complex, do not have FEAR, and have a great deal of conscience unlike certain others. These individual soon progress from stage I awakening to the next.

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