11 December 2016

Weekly Ascension Meditation is Now Live on the PFC Community Connector ~ Ada Shaw ~ 10 December 2016

This is great!

Source: Cobra Etheric Liberation

Exciting News! The Weekly Ascension Meditation is now live on the PFC Community Connector Meditation page!

What this means is that if you are logged onto your computer, the guided audio meditation (in English) will begin to play automatically at the exact time of the meditation!

Meaning we can absolutely synchronize our global meditations.

You may have to sign in to the "Community Connector" and get a password if you don't already have one, so come and check out this site early so you'll be all ready for the meditation if you would like to do it while listening online.

<3 <3 <3

(Here for the Prepare For Change link to participate)

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