13 December 2017

Time Shifts and Memory Codes (Silver Solstice Series: Part Four) ~ Magenta Pixie ~ 12 December 2017

This is the fourth part of Magenta Pixie's detailed analysis of The Nine's recent message, "Rainbow Portal, Silver Ray and the Two World Split (Winter Solstice 2017)".

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Astronomers to Check Interstellar Body for Signs of Alien Technology ~ Ian Sample, The Guardian ~ 11 December 2017

Thanks to Murray Morison for posting this.

I posted a couple of links relating to this "asteroid" not too long ago (here), and it's very encouraging to read that astronomers are paying special attention to this first (publicly known) interstellar object to our Solar System.

Source: The Guardian

Green Bank telescope in West Virginia will listen for radio signals from ‘Oumuamua, an object from another solar system

Astronomers are to use one of the world’s largest telescopes to check a mysterious object that is speeding through the solar system for signs of alien technology.

The Green Bank telescope in West Virginia will listen for radio signals being broadcast from a cigar-shaped body which was first spotted in the solar system in October. The body arrived from interstellar space and reached a peak speed of 196,000 mph as it swept past the sun.

Scientists on the Breakthrough Listen project, which searches for evidence of alien civilisations, said the Green Bank telescope would monitor the object, named ‘Oumuamua, from Wednesday. The first phase of observations is expected to last 10 hours and will tune in to four different radio transmission bands.

“Most likely it is of natural origin, but because it is so peculiar, we would like to check if it has any sign of artificial origin, such as radio emissions,” said Avi Loeb, professor of astronomy at Harvard University and an adviser to the Breakthrough Listen project. “If we do detect a signal that appears artificial in origin, we’ll know immediately.”

The interstellar body, the first to be seen in the solar system, was initially spotted by researchers on the Pan-Starrs telescope, which the University of Hawaii uses to scan the heavens for killer asteroids. Named after the Hawaiian word for “messenger”, the body was picked up as it swept past Earth at 85 times the distance to the moon.

While many astronomers believe the object is an interstellar asteroid, its elongated shape is unlike anything seen in the asteroid belt in our own solar system. Early observations of ‘Oumuamua show that it is about 400m long but only one tenth as wide. “It’s curious that the first object we see from outside the solar system looks like that,” said Loeb.

Breneau, Guardian Host and Anuhazi ~ Lisa Renee

All the following definitions were taken from Lisa Renee's Ascension Glossary.

Breneau (source)

The Breneau are Founder Consciousness (13D-14D-15D) that direct support to the Guardian Founder Races in the lower Harmonic Universe that are supporting GSF liberation and the continued spiritual evolution of humanity towards the Law of One. They are advanced beings from the highest dimensional worlds that appear as tall, luminescent figures with elongated heads and large eyes, when they physically manifest they reveal the highest refined emerald colors of the Holy Father Arc principle. They will never interfere and must be communicated with either through previous lineage associations or their presence requested with full consent and personal intent of Service to Others as a Guardian. The Guardian Groups include massive numbers with a great variety of different advanced species. The Guardian Alliance is directed by the Elohim Emerald Order Breneau who support the Guardians incarnated on the earth that are connected to the lineages of the Christos Founders Races. These are Starseeds and Indigos that have incarnated specifically to restore the Emerald Covenant, or reclamation of the Christ. The Emerald Breneau Founders specifically incarnate into the Lyran-Sirian lines that originate from Sirius B, as the blue azurites. The Christos Founders Races mission includes supporting the pathway of disclosure that leads into planetary liberation and Ascension, and providing the records for witness testimony on behalf of the earth and humanity to be freed from their alien oppressors and gain access into the Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds.

Guardian Host (source)

The Guardian Races currently Hosting this Ascension cycle that reside in the Universal Time Matrix at 12D Ray, Kunda-Ray and above, into the Threefold Founder Flame of the GSF Triad.

The Guardian Host and their families are synonymous with the Christos elders, the Lyran-SiranFounders, the Ancient Master Builders and Architects that are stemming from the Master Christos Collective that protect the Law of One, which is the path to GSF, for any being to be able to Ascend, evolve their consciousness and exist as God, Sovereign and Free.

Their mission is to protect and insure that all species discover and fulfill their genetic plan of true spiritual enlightenment and multidimensional heritage as they were intended.

Threefold Founder Flame
There are Three Original Primal Order Sound Fields that make up the Ray Aspects of our entire Universal creation in the Universal Time Matrix. Collectively these are also referred to as the Founders and the Threefold Flame that make up the GSF Triad. The Threefold Founder Flame gestalt of Universal consciousness is called the Guardian Host.

The Three Universal Founder Rays, Blue Ray Mother Arc,Violet-Magenta Ray Father Arc, Golden Ray Sun of Christos. ONE BLUE FLAME 13D, ONE GOLD FLAME 14D, ONE VIOLET FLAME 15D. Together they are the Threefold Founder Flame of our Universal Time Matrix.

The Oraphim are the Double Diamond Sun Body of the Christos that are here on planet to direct the Threefold Founder Frequencies to repair the architecture of the planetary grid, as well as communicate with the Aurora for the Aurora Krystal Matrix Re-Encryption of Elemental Bodyprojects with the Master Christos Collective, a consortium of beings that are from the Seven Higher Heavens realms.

Anuhazi (source)

Predecessors to our human angelic race line, the Lyran-Sirian Whites are also called Anuhazi, a feline-hominid seeded by the 12D Elohei (one of the three Christos Founder Races that created the Oraphim). Anuhazi is the original first externally spoken language in our Universe, and is the natural language of the Christos Founders Race. It is the original light language of our ancient ancestors. The Lyran-Sirian Whites or Anuhazi, are human elders, they are pale-skinned hominid Sirian race frequently called the Guardian Founders, whom protect the Diamond Sun Body and 12 Strand DNA.

Guardian Host
The Guardian Host and their families are synonymous with the Christos elders, the Lyran-Sirian Founders, the Ancient Master Builders and Architects that are stemming from the Master Christos Collective that protect the Law of One, which is the path to GSF, for any being to be able to Ascend, evolve their consciousness and exist as God, Sovereign and Free.

Lyran Sirian Elders and Human Prototype
Session Excerpt: This is so ancient this so old, that so much of the creation that has gone off in these spaces has forgotten what it is and what it's doing. So it's not just about the human consciousness level of what the human being is endeavoring to do. But understanding that it is the human being, the prototype of the human being, because what I'm seeing is the lineage of the beings that were androgynous and were a part of the Lyran, I want to say Lyran elders. Lyran-Sirian, the Lyrans I'm getting are like one of the ancient, ancient, ancient levels of consciousness. I don't even know do they have form? I think later incarnations I think this is like shape-shifting sheets of light. It's not really even a form but they are referring to it as Lyran, because it was around the Lyran timeline, in which the Lyrans were a part of the creators of the human race. I don't know if they collaborated with the Seraphim or if they created the Seraphs, but this is around the Lyran time cycle.

It's so hard because relative to time it doesn't make any sense. It's old and the issue that they are trying to impress upon us now is that hole, that rip, is a Ring of Fire. They are showing me that the Lyrans created human beings this prototype that we are in was designed to heal the rip. The only place this can be done is in the bodies we inhabit now period. That is the understanding that these bodies genetically can do this. What's happening now is that we're being revealed into understanding some of the greater or larger universal purposes of the human being creation. And in subsequent dimensions, as dimensions exploded out in these fragments of consciousness forgot about all of this, there were wars over the human being. They are showing me that even Ascended Masters, the beings that had some levels of awareness of what was going on with this planet, didn't even understand some of these larger reasons as to why the human being was created.

It was like all of this conflict and warring was being created from misunderstandings, the inability to understand the truth. And that without us there would be no universe basically. Whatever was going on, they weren't getting this, they weren't understanding this. They're showing me that around the Orion Wars what started to happen is that there were creations, there were beings that were feeling humanity was being played as favorite. Like these beings, they are new and they're getting all of this preferential treatment. It's a very simplified way to say it, but there was a strange level with all this warring and conflict over humanity, over this new body that had been created by these Creator God progenitors of the human race. And it was because nobody was understanding what the higher purpose was, that the only way we could return back into the source creation without just closing down the universe, which is something that is done. (see Ring of Fire) [1] Transcript by Paige.

12 December 2017

Brief Update ~ Aluna Joy Yaxk'in ~ 11 December 2017

Just a short message from Aluna Joy Yaxk'in, which includes an expanded view of the image above.

Meeting up with old old pals today. (See photo) 🙏🏽🙌🏼🙏🏽

Today we slipped into “the memory”. Some topics we dove deep into, that were triggered by Palenque’s etheric record, were these 

... The tissue paper thin barrier that is all that is left between us and our God given natural abilities. 

... How the world is fracturing apart right now to make room for a new reality. We were shown an image of a polar bear jumping from one iceberg to another as an example. Many in the group were challenged with missing items and them also reappearing ... also feeling fragmented in trying to be organized. 

... The cause / origin of male/female duality (it was a very deep and somewhat shocking and graphic core message that was triggered by termites - you had to be there to get this. 🤯), and how we can move past the original wound of humanity and return to paradise. 

... prior to the original wound was only the pure untouched ocean of creation of which we were birthed from. Now it is time to return to this great ocean of potential, but maintain human form and began digging into this process.

... How advanced encoded forms of information is recorded with sound into stone pyramids and released by sound, and how we can use clues from nature to unlock this knowledge.

🙄 We forgot to record our messages today. 😳 This is what I remembered.

Blessing on the eve of day of Guadalupe!

Ending Wars ~ Barbara Marciniak and The Ps

Quote Fancy
You must learn to end the wars in your world by ending them in your minds.

Explaining the Two World Split (Silver Solstice Series: Part Three) ~ Magenta Pixie ~ 11 December 2017

This is the third part of Magenta Pixie's in-depth analysis of The Nine's latest message, which places specific focus on December 2017, especially the period leading up to the Solstice.

Please watch here.

11 December 2017

December 2017: A Long Time Coming ~ Denise Le Fay ~ 10 December 2017

Source: High Heart Life

[What I’m going to say first won’t make much sense immediately but hopefully will as you continue reading, connecting the dots and fully realizing where we’re at now.]

When I was a young teen in the early 1960s, I understood the bare-bones basics of retirement at 65. Way back then the retirement age was 65, unlike how it is now for different age groups. I’ve never forgotten how the minute I understood what “retirement at 65” was all those decades ago, I instantly knew it wouldn’t exist for me when I turned 65, or 66 for full retirement benefits for my age group. I was a kid and knew that the retirement system would not exist for me when I reached the required age to receive my full retirement benefits. And, I was pissed about that knowing that I’ve consciously carried with me since that time. I’ve consciously carried many awareness’s like this from early childhood and also my teens and that in itself has oftentimes been a burden for me, but, I preferred knowing certain things as opposed to not knowing them. My choice and I’ve dealt with those awareness’s all my life.

My birthday is December 23rd and I turned 65 in 2016, December 2017 I’ll turn 66. At some point in 2018, I plan on applying for my S.S. retirement benefits even though they’re not nearly enough to live off of month to month. Even that statement is coded with other information. Feel into all this because I’m talking about and from both the old lower 3D Earth world and the NEW ascended 5D Earth world frequencies and consciousness. Multidimensionality; Forerunners have been living it for decades.

Some people, but certainly not enough in my opinion, honestly understand what December 2017 is, what it means within the Ascension Process (AP) and ongoing Embodiment Process (EP). Most do not and that’s unfortunate for us all. December 2017 is that point within the AP and EP where the Forerunners/Wayshowers/Embodiers are finally capable of physically existing continuously within the NEW ascended 5D Earth world and crystalline/Christ/Unity frequency and carrying IT with them wherever they go because they’ve Embodied enough of IT at this point.

I’ve often shared my struggles with and education from my repeatedly going back and forth between the higher and lower NEW and old Earth worlds and timelines since December 21, 22 & 23, 2012. I’ve done that because I wholeheartedly believe that by honestly sharing certain things I’ve been going through via the AP and EP, that it helps others better understand what they’ve been going through too. No one benefits if the Forerunners aren’t honest about what they’ve been living and learning from. Our sharing about the good, bad and the ugly of it all is a positive for everyone, even those people who aren’t ready for that information when we write about it. Eventually they will be and it’s archived for them.

I know it’s oftentimes hard and/or confusing to feel like you’ve satisfactorily sunk your teeth into the complex concepts of being a functioning multidimensional incarnate physical human during the AP and EP. Those words are fancy and impressive but for most people are not much more than that — fancy and impressive. However, if you’ve been living this yourself Forerunner then you know that it’s been much like being a teenager learning how to drive a stick shift car for the first time; you repeatedly pop the clutch, stall the engine, over break, drive too slow, drive too fast, panic when you have to stop on an incline and then release the clutch and not roll backwards or stall the engine and so on. It’s not an easy or fast learning process and takes time and practice to master how to drive a stick shift vehicle… well. The same has been true of being a Forerunner learning how to repeatedly enter and exist, exist and enter the old lower 3D patriarchal Earth world we all incarnated into, and the NEW ascended 5D Earth world with its corresponding frequencies.

Please read on....

Strategies and Clarity for Creating Your 5D Structure ~ Jill Renee Feeler and Magenta Pixie ~ 10 December 2017

Here is the link for the video.

Description given:
Jill Renee Feeler and Magenta Pixie discuss concepts related to living in the fifth dimension, the integration of the dimensions, the fall of the control structure, the hidden agendas being revealed and the energies for December 2017.
Jill Renee Feeler https://jillreneefeeler.com
Magenta Pixie http://www.magentapixie.com

Seraphim ~ Lisa Renee

I don't know what year this was posted, but from my understanding, the Seraphim genetic codes have been/are  being healed.

Source: Ascension Glossary

The Seraphim lineage is one of the original Founder Primal Sound Fields of the Gold Order Ray, which encompasses the Seraph lineage of which would be called the Winged Ones, in terms of avian genetic bird beings, or the Angelic Seraphim. They are a extension of of the Family entity of RA (14D) from the next Universe through Andromeda Galaxy, the Seven Higher Heavens which live within the practices of the Law of One.
The Seraphim had their own schism and enslavement issues having been intricately involved with the creation of the planet earth and involved with its many Timelines and histories of the evolution of the human race. As the Seraphim races committed to help humanity evolve from the lower creational realm of 3D earth, they experienced their consciousness descending rapidly to which is result of the Fallen Angelic fragmented mind matrix.

The Seraphim were a part of the original creators of the divine human species prototype that were genetically designed with the potential to evolve into a embodied Christos consciousness. Their energy signature and imprint is certainly a part of all of us as human beings and part of the planet earth collective consciousness.

One of the things that the Seraphs did many moons ago in the human evolution experiment is actually create a ley line and Axiatonal Lines grid system on the earth. The Seraphim became the guardians of the earth to protect the horizontal shields and their timelines until the humans could evolve to such level to become the guardians of the earth. This was done in a grid or ley line consciousness and Ray structure that is referred to as the Golden Eagle Pylon Network (Golden Eagle Grid). This was actually a creation of the collective Guardian Founder Races of which the Guardian Seraphim and Avian Races became through this grid known as the Golden Eagle Grid the Guardians of the Horizontals. The Horizontal ley lines are the network that create the clock shield template instructions that directly control the consciousness movement through time and space as a linear experience, and therefore are related to the Morphogenetic Field that create horizontal Timelines in many dimensions.

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Oraphim ~ Lisa Renee

A perspective from Lisa Renee.

Source: Ascension Glossary

The Oraphim are the Double Diamond Sun Body of the Christos that are here on planet to direct the Universal Threefold Founder Flame Frequencies to repair the architecture of the planetary grid, as well as communicate with the Aurora for the Aurora Krystal Matrix Re-Encryption of Elemental Body projects with the Master Christos Collective, a consortium of beings that are from the Seven Higher Heavens realms. These are the Ancient Master builder Races that are also called Guardian Host from which the Essenes on the earth have been generated.

The Oraphim are the original “Founder Guardian Races” specialized blueprint forms that were used as a prototype body for the 6D Indigo Family of consciousness. The blueprint bodies were stepped down in frequency as the 3D consciousness human forms were not able to hold the genetic material of a full Oraphim consciousness. The Oraphim blueprint is a Lyran-Sirian shapeshifter consciousness that has the ability to biologically transmute itself in and out of a dimenionalized time matrix. It also holds all Threefold Founder Flames, are the Primal Sound Fields of the Blue Ray, Gold Ray and Magenta/Violet Ray GSF) and direct the Spectrum of Frequency of all of the Founder Races of the Christos Consciousness. It is a full Rainbow Crystal Matrix Being....

The Male Oraphim form carries a stronger electrical field and specializes in electrical field transmission, while the Female Oraphim carries the magnetic field and specializes in magnetic reception. Together they have the greatest ability of any biological race to transmit and receive the Threefold Founder Flame (Founder Frequencies or GSF to structurally repair the Universal Blueprint Bodies all the way down to our density. They are the Keepers of the Universal Time Matrix, and the capacity for them to begin their creational purposes in genetic repair is now being revealed. [1]

Please read on....

12:12 Gateway and 18/19 December Power Point ~ Celia Fenn ~ 10 December 2017

Source: Celia Fenn

Well....get ready every one, we are coming up to another acceleration in the Time Line/Spiral!

On Tuesday we will pass through the 12/12 Gateway, the final gateway in the Triple Gateway series, completing the spiral that was begun at the 8/8 in August. I am sure that you will agree that it has been a very full and intense few months. Like me, you are also grateful that it will be reaching climax in the next couple of weeks.

The 12/12 will be that point at which your Soul Connection and Soul Mission will begin to take shape in your Reality. It may not be obvious, it may only be a feeling or a hint. Don't push it with ego. Simply let it unfold within your time spiral as it will.

Coming up on the 18th and 19th of December are another two "power points" in the New Earth Timeline.

The 18th is New Moon in Sagittarius at 26.31 degrees of Sagittarius. The 19th is the Earth/Galactic alignment at 27.06 degrees of Sagittarius. This means that these two events are in "conjunction" and putting out powerful transmissions of "new" Light Codes from the Galactic Center as we move towards Solstice on the 21st December.

At this time the Earth is also aligning with a dark cloud of cosmic matter called the "Great Rift" or "Dark Rift" in Sagittarius. This a a place and time of great power and potential, like a Cosmic Lightening Storm. It is a time of Cosmic and Soul potential as what will be is forming and birthing.

So, if you feel like you are living in a time of great turbulence, like a Cosmic Storm, you would indeed be right.

Ride the Storm with confidence and caution.

Remain centered and careful.

Focus on the present moment.

Ensure that you have what you need to make it through the storm.

Focus on what you will create as you swing around the Time Spiral to begin the second part of your New Reality Creation and Manifestation in 2018.

It is a most blessed and sacred time in the Calendar of the Sacred Year on Planet Earth.

10 December 2017

Excerpt: Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians ~ Barbara Marciniak

"Bringers of the Dawn" by Barbara Marciniak is one of the books I consider as essential reading for the awakening, with every sentence holding its own relevance and importance to the overall message. Each paragraph is filled with layers of information, as well as encoded activations. The book is truly timeless in its essence and teachings.

Thanks to Sam Mast for posting this reminder.

The excerpt follows:

Do you understand why you have come here to bust the system? Do you understand how complex frequency control is? Do you understand how fine and thin reality is? Do you understand how available reality control is to the human species-if humans would harmonize with one another, and act as though they were all provided for, and believe and create through their minds? 

We said some time ago that light is underestimated on this planet. Truly it is. If it became known how many individuals are gaining sovereignty over their thoughts and lives, and how many of them are broadcasting this sovereignty and living to teach it to others, those in charge would do something about it rather quickly. 

Light is underestimated, and it is a good thing, because light is going to liberate you all. You have an exciting assignment-an enviable job-and you have all the help you are going to need to complete your task. There has been a tremendous influx of entities and mother ships on this planet that are now acting as intermediaries or perhaps literal transducers of energy. The beams of light that come to the planet come from old and ancient star systems that have been working with Earth for eons and eons. Many of them are simply numbered by your astronomers, while others have names you are familiar with-Sirius, Arcturus, Orion, the Pleiades, and so on. Beams of light are being caught by quite a number of mother ships surrounding Earth, filtered through an entirely different system, and then blasted onto the planet. 

Many of you have implants inside of you to respond to this communication and to bypass psychotronic warfare and interference that would keep your frequencies jammed and prevent you from being able to receive this information. These implants are not negative. You were not abducted and probed to receive them against your will. They are etheric implants that you called to yourself as tools to receive off-planet energies. These implants are being activated now. Many of you are finding that you are feeling altered. At different times of the day, particularly when you are going to sleep, you are hearing a variety of tones or feeling a kind of electric vibration in your body.

When this information is beamed to you, your body must be able to receive it. In order for your body to receive it, it must be in a certain state. The information is like a current, and if your body cannot handle the current it moves into a state of discomfort. The people of Earth were programmed for this time, and there is no one incarnated upon the planet who can say that they made a mistake and did not know what was going to occur here. No one was born upon this planet without a mechanism inside of them that can be activated to tune into or turn on to the ability to house these frequencies.

We have encouraged many of you to move out of the logical mind because the logical mind will come into conflict with this information and electronic energy. In the next number of years, your understanding and vibration with the frequencies coming to you will be like turning on your own radio. You will have a direct telepathic link with mother ships broadcasting to you. There will come a time when you will never even think of going to a channeling session because you will have your own linkup with information. The wealth of information that will come to you will be of great reassurance; it will be broadcast to fill you in on what is happening. 

As you become more trusting, you will be able to manifest before you a light entity who will come physically and begin to teach you. Channeling, or the process of bringing information through another being, will become completely archaic as each of you manifest your own literal being to teach you. In the meantime, we are here to teach you, to remind you of who you are, and to give you an idea of what you can draw to yourself. What we want more than anything else is to assist you, as members of the Family of Light, to succeed in liberating the humans. Focus on the dance of yourself. To what tune will you dance and to what magic will you perform and to what heights will you be willing to push consciousness to give it a new definition of possibilities?

Stacked Lenticular Clouds

Thanks to Doris Doris for posting this! Spectacular "clouds"....

Watch the clip at Severe Weather Europe.

Frequencies of Illumination Increase as Pardons are Granted ~ Gaia Portal ~ 10 December 2017

I can only guess that "mellorite" is based on "mellor", which comes from two ancient Welsh words, meaning "bare hill" (reference).

Source: Gaia Portal

Frequencies of Illumination increase as pardons are granted.
Essentials of the Illuminates are employed.
Fires of stargates are formed.
Mellorite canyons are crossed with ease.

On-Going Meditations for Today

Here is the schedule for today's active meditations, with corresponding links to more details:

Code of the Feather and Reality Shifting Magick (Silver Solstice Series: Part Two) ~ Magenta Pixie ~ 9 December 2017

If you are following the Magenta Pixie's expanded analysis of her "Rainbow Portal, Silver Ray and the Two World Split (Winter Solstice 2017)" message, here is Part 2.

Please listen here.

Magenta emphasises how pivotal this month of December will be, based on The Nine's message.

Rainbow Portal, Silver Ray and the Two World Split (Winter Solstice 2017) ~ The Nine & Magenta Pixie ~ 6 December 2017

This is the video that was analysed and elaborated upon by Magenta Pixie.

I'm posting it on its own, please view the video here if you haven't yet seen it.

The description provided:
The fall of the Dark Alliance, service-to-self structure, extreme polarisation of humanity and the two world split. Full Moon seed point for the Silver Ray - new code for Rainbow Portal Activation on the Winter Solstice 2017.

Distraction of Christmas and the Shadow Reality (Silver Solstice Series: Part One) ~ Magenta Pixie ~ 8 December 2017

Magenta Pixie provides an analysis of her previous video, "Rainbow Portal, Silver Ray and the Two World Split (Winter Solstice 2017)", based on her perspective.

Please view the video here. It's 40 minutes in length, but in my opinion, well worth the time to listen. One important point that was brought up in the earlier video (and that Magenta is now explaining here) is that December is a pivotal month where sudden awakening will occur in the mainstream. Perhaps this ties in with the Solstice energies?

However, Magenta also cautions that the time of Christmas will present as a hijacked event to distract from the awakening outcome, and she advises those who are awakened to beware of this potential and step outside of the programming. It also may act as a buffer for the strong awakening energies.

09 December 2017

The Becoming: The NOW Embodiment Events ~ Sandra Walter ~ 8 December 2017

The revelation of our Solar focus, Gaia’s Solar activation, our Solar Heart activation, weaves us back into the cosmic fabric of Oneness; Pure Unity Consciousness. Changes in the Universe without, changes the Universe within. And vice-versa; we are in the direct path of Becoming.

Sandra Walter outlines the energetic and Planetary developments for the year as she recaps what has occurred in 2017 so far. She also talks about a trigger point during the coming Solstice that would initiate a series of shifts for the Solar Plasma as well as for the Sun, Planet and the embodied Christ Consciousness. That reminds me of Cobra's latest update, calling this Solstice a turning point that would bring about drastic changes in the plasma plane.

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

This is one of those lengthy articles after an intense download this week. Feel into this message and its connections, as it is the last of the year. A PDF version is provided below. The intention is to provide clarity and comprehension of what is about to occur.

Our Gatekeeping and Gridwork took on a strong Solar focus over the last few years. This process was twofold; it anticipated the changes in the SUN as well as the trajectory of Gaia to become a more Solar entity. The New Earth grid system, which is crystalline based and aimed at the 5D magnetic lines of Gaia, works in tandem with the off-planet crystalline grid and the 5D/6D crystalline core of Gaia. The intention was to activate the ancient structures, Solar temples above and below ground, crystal beds (many of them containing off-planet crystals), and unify them with the crystalline grid, Solaris (the SUN), and interdimensional stargates. This was fully activated with the August 2017 eclipse.

All of this activity supports the new platform for the Solar Cosmic Christ experience; the return of the Christ/Crystalline/Unity consciousness which activates Divine HUman DNA. The SUN serves as our primary local stargate, and is reflected in our Christed heart centers where pure Source consciousness resides. As the SUN changes, the core of Gaia changes, the New Earth experience is amplified, and open and prepared hearts shift into the Christed experience.

The messages have been consistent: Embodiment of the Christed Self will change the HUman heart grid, and provide the new experience as a palpable reality for all willing hearts to align with. It works in tandem with Gaia and the SUN; a collective cosmic trigger which reveals reunification with Source.
As Wayshowers, Gatekeepers and Gridworkers, we have witnessed consistent, accelerated shifts in the SUN, grids, Gaia’s core, and our own hearts this year. The revelation of our Solar focus, Gaia’s Solar activation, our Solar Heart activation, weaves us back into the cosmic fabric of Oneness; Pure Unity Consciousness. Changes in the Universe without, changes the Universe within. And vice-versa; we are in the direct path of Becoming.

For many of us, revelation of the True Self includes interaction with Solar Beings, Galactic or Star Expressions, and Councils of Light which guide on a Universal level. To witness the steering of stargates and the Solar system, and to participate, was an unexpected event this year. As we say; expect the unexpected.

Please read on....

DNA Activation December ~ Joanna Fay ~ 9 December 2017

Source: Heart Star

Greetings All 💗

Welcome to the December DNA Activation for this year, in the sequence we’ve been focusing through the 10-10 Gateways of 2017 (=10=1), on December 10th ~ the 10-12-10 vibrational alignment. As this 10-10 is leading closely into a peak alignment on the 12:12 through which a highly focused ray of Diamond Light will be flowing to, through and around the Earth and all life here, we’ll begin by calling in the Diamond Light, and flow this through the Golden Stars Visualization ~ bathing in the Golden Diamond Light of 12D, the dimension of Divine Christed Essence.

Begin by focusing into your Heart, feeling your heart centre warm, peaceful, and relaxed. Let any tension unwind from your body, mind and emotions, as you breathe and relax. Visualize a ball of sparkling Diamond Light within your heart centre ~ and let it radiate outward, bathing your body and energy field in this vibration flowing from the Heart of Source ~ Love-Light-Life ~ for yourself and all beings everywhere. Feel every cell open gently in perfect trust to immerse in this light, the vibration of pure Oneness.

Now breathe golden light into your heart and see this light radiate through the Diamond Light, spreading throughout your Being with the eternal presence of your Inner Divine Self, One with Source forever. As you fill with this warm golden light, feel its infinite love and wisdom, the Heart of Source that beats within all our hearts, radiating pure love, joy and peace. Feel the masculine and feminine energies within you merge into One. Feel your ‘higher self’ and ‘lower self’ merge as One, unifying as your Inner Divine Self, a pure expression and extension of Source, across dimensions, and universes, into this Now. The light of the Golden Heart of Source is flowing through you, transforming your whole being into Unconditional Love. Breathe into it. Feel the gentle, everlasting rhythm flowing through you. It IS us all.

Within this merge of diamond and golden light, steady and calm, in pure love for yourself and All, continue now with the Golden Stars Visualization.

Spatial Cognizance ~ A Hathor Planetary Meditation Through Tom Kenyon ~ 12 November 2017

The Hathors through Tom Kenyon had earlier this year cautioned that over the course of 2017, we would be entering at an accelerated pace into a destabilised state with "chaotic nodes". I could be wrong, but they were the among the very few sources that actually talked about the global condition becoming worse, as opposed to many who painted a very rosy unfolding of 2017. "Rosy" is not what I would use to described this very difficult year, as Humanity goes through its own collective Dark Night, and the oppressors going all out to prevent our progress.

The Hathors and Tom do not come out with public information often, so when they do, I take special notice of what they have to say, and this one is certainly one of the more powerful messages that have come out. As with most updates, there is also a sound healing meditation. I also note the most apt analogy to a "giant serpent shedding its old skin".

PS. I can't help but include this ~ just seconds after I was reading the part about the giant serpent, I heard someone shouting, "....the serpents!" from some loud video my daughter was watching. Seriously.

PPS. I just heard the first 30 seconds of the gift mp3 "Passage Through the Womb of Nut"....and Horus is mentioned! I just posted something about Horus yesterday....Seriously, seriously.

Source: Tom Kenyon

Your world is in the midst of an immense metamorphosis.

It is like a giant serpent shedding its old skin. New realities are emerging as old realities are being sloughed off. As an embodied being in the midst of this radical transformation the challenges facing you may seem, at times, overwhelming.

We have referred to this process in previous communications, and for a larger context for this message we would refer you to four previous messages we have given: Escalation of Chaotic Nodes and The Dismantling of 3-D Reality, Transitions States, The Fifth Perspective: Transcending Time and Space, and Restoration. (Note: Click on the underlined links above or go to the Hathor section of the website, www.tomkenyon.com)

From our perspective the Sixth Mass Extinction, which we have referred to in previous messages, is unfolding at an accelerated pace. Weather anomalies are on the rise, which shall continue, resulting in challenges to agriculture and the world’s food supply. And the clashes between cultural values, international relations, social and economic institutions will continue to destabilize the world. This destabilization is due to an increase of Chaotic Nodes, which we have also discussed extensively in previous messages.

These Chaotic Nodes are the result of multiple inter-locking phenomena. The reasons for the increased intensity of these inter-locking Chaotic Nodes is attributable to a combination of factors. Some of it is cosmic in its origins, some of it is due to randomness, and some of it is a result of manmade influences.

Your collective experience of perceived time is accelerating at an unprecedented rate. And the “pressure waves” of this accelerated perception of time is due to the heightened pace of newly emerging technologies that you are becoming increasingly dependent upon.

The increased pace of data you have to process is beyond your capability as a biological organism to cope with, and you are shifting—as a culture—to a technologically-based reality.

As a result of this dependence upon technology you are entering a type of techno-servitude. And as with all new radical technologies there are good sides and bad sides to this reality.

Were you a truly benevolent species, the acceleration of your technological culture could advance the quality of all life, but you are not collectively a benevolent species. And some of the newly emerging technologies that could enhance planetary life are being commandeered by forces that wish to control and enslave.

At the same time there are benevolent forces also working with these new technologies to improve the quality of life. As a result of these opposing agendas, the future impact of technology upon Earth and your collective destiny is yet to be determined.

Returning to the metaphor of the serpent shedding its old skin, how do you ride such a creature? How do you function in a world where multiple realities are in conflict with each other? How do you survive, intact, the accelerated pace of change, and who is it that will survive this—meaning what is your true nature?

From one perspective what you are experiencing in your world is catastrophic in nature. From another perspective it is a highly potent evolutionary catalyst. In other words, the metamorphosis of your world could destroy you or propel you into higher states of consciousness. The choice, at an individual level, between personal destruction or an ascent into a higher dimensional reality is yours.

The purpose of this message is not to address the planetary challenges facing humanity and other life forms that reside upon your Earth. Rather our focus is on what you can do, as an individual, in the midst of such intense challenges.

The information in this message comes from the Aethos, the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth dimensions of our Hathorian reality. From the perspective of the Hathors who reside in the Aethos, your cosmos (as well as ours) is only one of many, and all of these innumerable “universes” as well as the beings who dwell within them, are all perceived as illusory dreamlike displays of holographic light.

In other words, your reality, as well as ours, is fundamentally a temporary illusion brought about through holographic projections of light, transitory in nature, insubstantial and magical in nature.

The beings who reside in the Aethos are our spiritual teachers, for they have transcended the illusory effects of projected holographic light that most beings perceive as reality. The Aethos has, instead, fully entered into the very ground of consciousness itself.

You also possess this innate ground of consciousness, but it is obscured by your embodiment in time and space. Your nervous system is hard-wired into your five senses. This is a biological imperative and necessity for your physical survival, but the ground of your consciousness transcends all sensory phenomena.

At the moment of your biological death you are faced with infinity, specifically the infinite nature of your own spacious awareness.

In this message the Aethos is presenting a sound meditation and a method that allows you to make direct contact with your own spacious awareness and transcend the limitations of sensory-based reality as well as perceived time and space.

We are dividing this message into two portions.

In this message we are presenting the fundamental sound meditation and a basic method for making contact with your own spacious awareness—what we refer to as Spatial Cognizance. In the next message we will present a more harmonically complex sound meditation as well as explore some of the advanced applications of the method.

As we said earlier, all technologies, regardless of their nature, are two-edged swords. They can be used in positive ways or in negative ways. Earlier, we were discussing this topic in relationship to the external technologies you are becoming increasingly dependent on.

But now we are sharing an inner technology of consciousness.

It is also a two-edged sword.
Please read on....

Notes for NASA & the Solar System’s Climate Change ~ Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock ~ S28:Ep1

For those who didn't get to view this episode in time, I've added some notes at the end of the post to give an idea of what was discussed.

Here for the notes.

08 December 2017

Faces, Horus and the December Solstice

This is another just-me post, sharing some things that intrigued me. So please don't take it as more than just me rambling :) As with most of these postings, there's an element (or more) of Synchronicity presenting, and you know how much I love Synchronicity!

It all started when people pointed out faces they identified on two images that I had posted not too long ago:
Space Observing System
 So I took another look. What I saw in the SR image was this:
It looked to me like Horus from the back, on the left side. I mentioned this to the dear friend who first said she saw a face on this image (not the same as what I saw), and she did a quick check, returning to me with this bit of information:
This was just this morning, and I saw Cobra's post a couple of hours later, stressing the critical turning-point during the December Solstice. That's only a fortnight away!

There's no doubt that we are already in a period where every moment is crucial, in terms of the Planetary situation and where Humanity is poised right now on the Collective Consciousness scale. I do hope that a global meditation will be organised for the Solstice, and I've made this request to We Love Mass Meditation.

In any case, we should intend/meditate/pray/whatever works for you for the most positive outcome ever!

Namaste and Blessings!

North Pole and South Pole

Earth Rangers
I had wanted to ponder this on my blog ever since Cobra's "Battle for Antarctic" update but decided against it since he only mentioned the South Pole. However, with the recent update, the North Pole is now included as well. To be honest, I was expecting this, based on the following information which I'll highlight.

This is just me thinking aloud, so please don't invest anything in what I'm writing :)

Andrew Bartzis has brought up the subject of the North Pole and South Pole several times over the recent years. The North Pole is the place of our Ancestors and the dreaming mind of Gaia, while the South Pole is the place of the future generations. You can listen to the discussion here, or read some of my notes here.

He's also mentioned that "Energetic Air Cities from the Past" (Cities of Light?) will reappear at both these Poles, where they were previously locked out because of Timeline Genocide Wars.

You can read it here at Galactic Historian. For those without fb, please read here.

Also, in El Ser Uno it is stated that the Ayaplianos are located at Inner Earth on both the North and South Poles.

We also know that the Poles are entrance points into Inner Earth. Let's not forget Admiral Byrd's adventure, the infamous Operation Jump, and numerous reports about the Third Reich's involvements as well as highly dubious military and scientific activities, even before the recent Antarctic disclosure burst into the public scene.

Finally, what should I find today but this trailer from the Christmas Special of Doctor Who. I was looking for something else but was led to this instead. Listen around the 45-second mark....
These are such paradoxical times we are in. So intensely challenging, and yet, the great transformation (or should I say, "Liberation"?) feels nearer than ever before.

Namaste and Blessings!

Situation Update ~ Cobra ~ 7 December 2017

Source: The Portal

There is a full scale battle for planet Earth ongoing on the plasma plane in sublunar space right now. The light forces are focused on removing the wormlike plasmoid entity that has entered our Solar system from Orion in 1996 and is now wound up around planet Earth:


Reactions of this entity and all lesser plasmoid entities living inside its body with their exotic plasma weapons are creating brutal scalar attacks on Lightworkers and Lightwarriors recently.

A multidimensional portal to the Galactic Center will open from December 17th to December 25thwith the turning point on December 21st , that will drastically change the conditions of the plasma plane in most of the sublunar space. This portal is partially accurately described here:


On the physical plane, the Light forces are purging all negative Secret Space Program factions in sublunar space. All members of those programs are given an option to unconditionally surrender and accept the Galactic Codex or be cleared out.

Please read on....

07 December 2017

Göbekli Tepe: Portal to the Universe with Andrew Collins ~ George Noory ~ S8:Ep17

Another share! Thank you to Hakan Haktanir.

Please view here:
Description given:
Andrew Collins explores the alignment of Göbekli Tepe with the constellation of Cygnus. As we examine the stone spires, we see that they may open a portal connecting Earth with celestial realms.

Size of the Universe

If you travelled from Earth to the Moon with 99.9% the speed of Light, your trip would take only 1.27 Earth seconds. With the same speed, you would reach Mars in just 4.36 Earth minutes.
To reach the edge of the observable Universe with the same speed, you would need 13.82 billion years (Earth's time scale).
Now, imagine how big is the Universe.

Truly humbling. That's just this Universe....imagine the size of the Omniverse....

Thanks to Madhav Duggirala for posting this.

Radical Energy for Radical Change ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

Powerful words from Jiddu Krishnamurti!

We need tremendous energy to bring about a psychological change in ourselves as human beings, because we have lived far too long in a world of make-belief, in a world of brutality, violence, despair, anxiety. To live humanly, sanely, one has to change. To bring about a change within oneself and therefore within society, one needs this radical energy, for the individual is not different from society - the society is the individual and the individual is the society. And to bring about a necessary radical, essential change in the structure of society - which is corrupt, which is immoral - there must be change in the human heart and mind. 

Thank you to Galactic Historian for posting this.

The Naval Chakra ~ Tim Whild ~ 6 December 2017

There is certainly more than one "model" of our new Chakra system at the moment, and each of us will align with something, whether with the 12-Chakra or 13-Chakra, or "traditional" 7-Chakra model. I don't allow myself to get too hung up over these differences because there's no way I can prove a certain model over the other ~ I just generally go with what feels right for me.

Also, from what I can recall, even the 12-Chakra system has different "models". The one espoused by the Ps via Barbara Marciniak is different from the one upon which Tim Whild is basing.

So, this would be for those who resonate with this particular 12-Chakra System, with the new one that's come online, the Naval Chakra, which Tim explained in an earlier video that this is the first time since Atlantis that this chakra has become active.

Please listen to this short exercise here.

Note: I do acknowledge, and am always aware, that this is Summer in the Southern Hemisphere.

Ocean Fairy Goddess

12:12 Cosmic Code of Ascnsion ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 6 November 2017

Source: New Earth Central

I love this time of the year, as our solar system aligns with the galactic pathway to Source…the Great Central Sun! As we move into the magical 12th month of the year, the 12 Tribes stargate and 12:12 Cosmic code of Ascension, our bodies are being prepared for the crystallization of the 12 strand DNA. We originate from a 12th dimensional, 12-sided dodecahedron universe!

12:12 is a sacred symbol that represents your spiritual growth as an infinite being. Those who are drawn to the power of 12:12 (inverse 12:21) belong to a group of evolved souls that carry the crystal god seed codes of ascension. According to Metatronian mysticism, 12:12 is a sacred code that activates your Merkabic field. The sacred geometry of Metatron’s Cube comprises of 12 circles/pillars encircling the ONE.

It is no surprise that 2012 was the year the global matrix of time density unlocked. There is intelligent design in the numbers, symbols, codes and geometry of our universe. We are being blessed at this time with much support from the Family of Light, as we transition from living in a Matrix of Enslavement, the reptilian-human hybrid genetics and the collective frequency fence of Time/Duality.

Please read on....

Triple Spiral: Trinity ~ Jain 108 Mathemagics ~ 6 November 2017

This gave me Soul-bumps when I looked at it, so of course I must share :)

The great Nikola Tesla said:
“If you knew the magnificence of the three, six and nine, you would have a key to the universe.”

Source: Jain 108 Mathemagics

That which animates or brings to life the stagnant forces of counter-rotating fields, is the Trinity of Creation.

For although the spinning spiral is the element of life, something is negated when they are in a state of equal spin, like 36 spirals flowing clockwise and 36 spirals flowing anti-clockwise, they interrupt one another in a neutral zone and create an energy of stasis,
or stillness, a cancelling out, that is why Nature uses the Pine Code of 8 spirals one way and 13 the other way.

But at the heart of all this Phenomena, is the 3 in the 1, the Triune God of Absolute Creativity.

The dual nature of equal spin counter-rotating fields can turn the motor on, but it is the delicate or critical shift from equal spin or .5 of midpoint consciousness to .618 of Phi or Unlimited Infinity Consciousness that allows the car or your Merkabah to fly.

All the mathematics that I have researched over the last 30 years, whether it be the fascinating Fib Numberss or Binary Code or Prime Numbers etc, everything simply comes back to the 3.

Jain 108