23 January 2017

A Small Fragment of Solara's January 2017 Surf Report

Source: The NVisible

January launches us into a New Year as well as a totally new cycle. The potent energy of January feels like its embedded into a piece of paper which has been folded into pleats. On the surface, it doesn't feel like so much is there. We think to ourselves, "Oh, this is manageable!" Then the pleats unfold and stretch out like an accordion and we can see the full extent of what is there and exclaim, "Oh, this is almost impossible!"

The Chinese New Year is on the 28th of January, when the Year of the Fire Rooster begins. This feels like when the 2017 truly begins. The past year of the Fire Monkey saw a lot of crazy swinging from one extreme to another and a lot of global crises. The wild antics of Monkeys tend to create chaos, especially the Fire Monkey, but this Monkey chaos always leads to awakening and transformation. This is why the Monkey years are always followed by a Rooster year. The Monkey stirs up the pot and breaks apart established structures, while the Rooster loudly calls us to awaken. The Rooster is the Herald of the New Dawn.

Since this is a Fire Rooster Year, we can expect to hear lots and lots of very loud Wake Up Calls. The higher octave of the Rooster is the beautiful Phoenix which is a royal Solar Bird with regal plumage. The aspect of the Phoenix known as the Phoenix Rising from the Ashes only appears during a Fire Rooster Year which occur every sixty years. Since we are entering a Fire Rooster Year on January 28th, this year also brings the entrance of the Phoenix Rising from the Ashes. Of course, in order to have ashes, there needs to be a fire, and 2017 will have lots of eruptions and lots of fires for the Phoenix to emerge from.
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