07 January 2017

About 2017, Reposted....From Mission Ignition

I felt guided to re-post this from 2015.....

Please read this if so guided :)

When I first came across these messages a few years ago, I thought "What!? 2017?? NO-O-O...." because I couldn't bear the thought that the Great Shift would be so far away in the future. At that time, around 2013, anything beyond the end of 2013 felt like an eternity away.

And now, here we are, in 2017. In 4 blinks of an eye, literally, because we've sped through the Passage of Time so unbelievably fast that it felt more like 8 months than the 4 years that it has been. For those new to these messages, 1 blink of an eye = 1 year.

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