04 January 2017

Aligning With The New Everything - Lauren C Gorgo - 3 January 2017

Source: Think With Your Heart 

Happy new year, new creation cycle, new world consciousness, new YOU!

2017 is a '1' year (2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = (10) = 1+0 = (1) and the start of a brand new nine year cycle, one in which we will be anchoring the blueprint not only for a new year & new creation cycle...but for the rest of our lives on earth.

Tho we have no (mental) idea of where we are going...because we've never been here before...we are each being given the codes to open the vault to the ancient memory of our original creator Self...the part of us that Knows exactly how to live in this hologram of life, as LOVE.

The emerging creator Self is the reward for those who successfully spent the last 9 years clearing the inner-pathways for embodiment, those who are becoming the first living light vessels toward that aim...the leaders of a new human existence, evolving into new (essential) states of consciousness required to create newrealities based on The Divine Plan for a new earth.

For all you pioneers of the new world consciousness, the focus this year begins to pivot from inward to outward, from clearing to creating, from seclusion to inclusion, from Self to other, and via a whole new way of relating to life on earth.

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