22 January 2017


This post is about the movie "Arrival" and my personal opinions about the plot, so definitely quite a few spoilers ahead :)

If I remember correctly, Cobra said in an interview (can't remember which one) that the Light forces do try to influence the general direction of some movies, so now and then, we do get a movie that's  really positive or some sort of Disclosure is presented. I see "Arrival" as a movie that may have been benevolently-influenced. Of course, I could be utterly wrong and completely miss identifying negative symbolisms in the movie, but I'll proceed anyway and make some general points that I feel are positive messages.

"Arrival" has shades of (the original) "The Day the Earth Stood Still" in that both plots revolve around the arrival of a benevolent ET(s) and how they are met with fear and hostility by the Humans, specifically the Military.

In "The Arrival", the inevitable unfolds ~ the Military might of the nations take control over the situation, treating the landings as a security threat and bringing out their whole arsenal of weaponry. As can be expected, their strong-armed tactics and blinkered perspectives propel them to the brink of total disaster ~ it takes someone non-Military with a deeper understanding of, and Soul connection to the ETs to save the day in the nick of time.

Speaking of which, the issue of Time as truly being non-linear is one of the main themes in this movie, weaving both lead character and visitors together in a manner that leaves an indelible imprint upon the former's life, yet to unfold.

The potential of our language as a limited communication tool is apparent as misinterpretation over the meaning of one mere word threatens to propel the entire project into potential war. As with Time, the linear nature of our language in turn complicates the understanding of the visitors' language, which is non-linear and more "complete".

When I first saw the silhouette of the visitors, I was disappointed. I thought that it was meant as a mockery to the ET issue, all over again.....a Heptapod!! This was worse than the little green man seen across so many cinema screens over the years, designed to ridicule, program and condition. But then, as the movie unfolded, I felt that the Heptapod was indeed a very good form (Race?) precisely because of its appearance. It is very far removed from the humanoid form, and is just the thing required to push the mental boundaries of acceptance. A litmus test of our xenophobic, prejudicial and racist elements. How willing and quickly is the average Human able to accept a Heptapod?

The best message (to me, at least) that I get from the movie is this:
The Visitors are ready to help us, but first we must help ourselves.

Each of the 12 ships came bearing a gift that is transmitted through their language. This gift seemingly has no intelligent meaning at first, until Dr Donnelly finally figures out that their gift is a but a portion of a greater whole. One-twelfth, to be precise. Each ship transmits their portion of the information, and only when all 12 nations come together in unity to complete the puzzle does the transmission become complete. We are supposed to be one Global Race, after all :)

I like the unexpected plot twist towards the end. I was a bit confused when Dr Banks asked who was the girl she keeps seeing in her visions - that was a huge clue that I didn't get. But I digress.....

If this was an attempt at soft Disclosure, then I feel they did quite a good job of it, generally. This is definitely an encouraging development and a big step towards the desired direction.

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