08 January 2017

Birthing a New Goddess Archetype ~ Vera Ingeborg ~ 8 January 2017

Source: Wake Up Experience

A lot is said and written about the rising and reawakening of the Goddess and the Feminine to bring balance into this world. And indeed, the feminine energy is increasing a lot and men and women who experienced a heart opening, notice the effects. While the carriers of more female energy are healing their wounds of being suppressed for their feelings and vulnerability, the carriers of more male energy are healing their wounds of having suppressed their feelings and vulnerability. Both also heal their need of being in control. The female by clearing the need of manipulation and clinging, the male by clearing the need of keeping the power and running away, when it gets too emotional.

For both sides, this intake of the feminine energy results in a complete turnaround. It is the ultimate balancing. The masculine now honours the feminine as it has become a part of himself. He appreciates the new quality of being able to feel and to be. The feminine on the other side integrates the divine masculine within herself and honours the male for the strength and willpower and the quality of doing.

For the masculine and the feminine, everything changes. It feels almost too much to take in the beginning, but those brave enough to embrace it and work through it come out incredibly empowered. With a strength no one would have ever expected to be possible. We become invincible. But this is an invincibility based on compassion and love, not on fighting and fear. Now, vulnerability is our biggest strength. We become completely balanced. Yin and Yang embodied in one person.

Emergence of a new Goddess Archetype

One thing that is very important to understand is, that the Goddess power now evolving is not a rebirth of something that has been here before, but an emergence of a new archetype. It is the first time that the masculine and feminine energies come into complete equilibrium. So – how is this new archetype like? What characteristics does she incorporate?

For a while now, every time I was contemplating on this new Goddess archetype, Pippi Longstocking showed up for me. She was one of my childhood heroes. I read the books and watched the movies countless times. I so wanted to be like her and live a life like she did. Back then, I had no idea that Astrid Lindgren’s story contained very strong activation codes, already preparing me and many others for what’s to come. So, I was watching Pippi Longstocking yesterday for the first time since my childhood. And it was striking for me to see the new Goddess Archetype so perfectly represented by her. Now – why would I say that the new Goddess representative is a little girl with freckles, weird clothes and red hair? Let me take you a bit more into the story…

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