07 January 2017

Freedom! Sacred Partnerships in 5D ~ Vera Ingeborg ~ 4 January 2017

Source: The Wake Up Experience

When we embark on the sacred journey, we have no idea what we have gotten into on a conscious, mind level. We just have this deep knowing in our heart that this is special. And the first encounter brings so much energetic power with it, that it shakes us up so deeply – we have no chance but to move forward and step-by-step drop everything that is not authentic about us and is keeping us from being completely free. Nobody but our sacred partner is able to push our buttons so perfectly to recognize what is keeping us from ascension – and from self-love.

It takes quite a while until we figure out that the connection we have with the other person was never about a relationship. It was always about finding back to our true power, our true self and remembering who we truly are and what we came here for: Assisting humanity to ascend.

Cycles of Growth

As we move forward, we learn, we grow, and we let go. Just to enter another cycle of learning, growing and letting go. Although it seems relentless and like a never-ending story, the process takes us higher and higher in frequency. Into more and more wisdom, faith and trust and less and less attachments, beliefs and expectations. We learn so much about the energetic dynamics of these divine partnerships and are starting to get the idea, that this union is an energy that is not tied to one physical person (which only is true in 3D).

And yet – although we feel more and more confident and detached – somehow we still feel awkward around our cosmic partner. There is still some insecurity or anxiety around it. There is still not the ease and full trust and detachment we would love to have. We still have that longing and the expectation to reunite with our divine counterpart. And…. Exactly that is what is blocking it from happening.
“Expectations are a manifestation of a fear.”
Expectations are a manifestation of a fear. And in this case – it is the fear of not being good enough. We still doubt that we are worthy of this love. “But – we have done so much work, so we must come to reunion. We deserve it! And all the writings and texts out there say that if you do your inner work, you will get to reunion and ascend together. So it must be in store for us!” That is how our 3D ego-mind tries to cope with it. And that is what blocks the energy from being transformed into 5D completely.

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