07 January 2017

MOVING FORWARD - FINALLY! Birthing Our Highest Aspirations and Ideals - Aluna Joy Yaxkin - 6 January 2017

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My dreaming is back to normal, yahoo! Over this past year, I have had many darkish dreams. In recent weeks, I have seen a change in the dream world. It was beginning to lighten up. And last night, I had a wild, epic series of dreams. This is a good sign that good things are near! I sure wish I could video tape my dreams for you all!

As usual, I was traveling in some sacred place with a group. I mostly dream in groups. We are ONE yes? Some in this group I knew, like Bekki, Kelly and Rhonda (you know who you are), but all of the group felt like family. We had climbed up a huge, gorgeous mountain that felt like crystal. On top of this mountain was a rock pyre much like you see in Tibet. But it felt like we might be in South America . . . but it could also have been the rare, crystal (one of 5 in the world) Mount Schiehallion in Scotland, which by the way is in the heart of dragon land.

I had brought three large flags to place on top of this mountain. One was the seven colored Inka flag, one was the Arizona state flag, and the third one I can't remember. We placed these flags on top of the rock pyre. I realized that a lot of people were bringing flags as well, and there wasn't much space at the peak of this mountain top. So I changed my mind and decided to place my flags on another peak a few hundred feet away. So we hiked up this serpentine rock ridge to a place where there was an opening in the rock. I placed the flags there.

Quickly after I had done this, a local shaman looking man said "No, you don't want to do that. Take the flags out." I asked why. He said that we would wake up the dragon! (PS... I have never dreamt of dragons before). Well ... I did remove the flags from what was the dragon's mouth.... but ... and as I do, I got curious, and at that point, I usually don't listen to rules and authorities.

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We began to wake up the dragon! We ran our hands up the wavy, serpent shaped rock. Soon the rock began to change under our hands. We could feel the rock change to smooth skin with scales. I could see brilliant colors of blue, green, red, orange and yellow and some patterns and spots (Again, I wish I could have taken a screen shot of this moment for all of you). It looked much like an animal from the movie Avatar. I could see two rows of spines up this dragon's back. Between the two ridges, I could see that I could easily fly with this dragon. My mind went wild with possibilities.

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