27 January 2017

New Energies ~ Celia Fenn ~ 26 January 2017

Source: Celia Fenn

The sun is moving into action again.....as we approach the 2/2 portal on the 2nd of February.

There is a cluster of sunspots developing and we are also in the direct line of fire for Solar Wind from a Coronal Hole that is now facing Earth. This will reach Earth in the next 2 days.

The 2/2 will be our first initiation into the energies that will climax at the 8/8 in August, and will define our experience of this year.

Many people are feeling pain in the throat/sinus/head area, or have colds and flu. This is because there is intense activity in the "collective" throat chakra as we struggle to define who we are and how we position ourselves in this new 5th Dimensional landscape.

It is so necessary now to feel in your Heart and Soul your own divine essence and to stay focussed on your Soul, Spirit and New Earth Self <3

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