27 January 2017

The Next Phase ~ Tim Whild ~ 27 January 2017

Source: Tim Whild

Amid the distractions of the collapsing 3D Matrix a very powerful movement of energy is starting to occur.

Last night I created a grid of Lemurian crystal and Unicorn carvings and called in the highest energies available. I was amazed at the results, even after decades of working with these frequencies.

As I lay there wave upon wave of golden light hit my bodies and fields, and clearly in my third eye I was shown bright green leaves sprouting and re-sprouting as if in a sped up nature film.

This continued into the small hours and I was told very clearly 'it's begun'.

This is the next phase we have been waiting for. The acceleration of our expanding 5D Matrix after a long, drawn out period of clearing and recalibration.

Expect change. Both internally and externally, but be very vigilant with your focus...there is a host of realities out there that hold the old paradigm energies, and it's easy to be drawn back in as our etheric blueprint remembers everything.

Keep your light high, your frequency clear and your manifestation sharp.

Call in the Christ Light and the higher realms. The gates are well and truly open.

Love and blessings

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