19 January 2017

Time Travelers Unite! ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 18 January 2017

Source: Meg Benedicte

I recently discovered a new series on Netflix called ‘Travelers’. This is one of the better shows to explore the complex reality of being a ‘Walk-In’ soul into a host incarnation. Speaking from personal experience as a Walk-In soul, I can relate to the traumatic shock that comes with finding yourself in someone else’s body, thought forms, emotional reactions, limiting beliefs, lack of maturity, addictions, karmic debt, and dysfunctional relationships/family.

As you adjust and ground into the host reality, your Soul begins to make its presence known. There ensues a push-pull between your consciousness and the host’s ego personality. Within the first week on planet earth, I started feeling pulled in new directions, new interests, and an awakened focus on the Cosmic Ascension plan. One of the benefits of entering the earth plane as a Walk-In, is the Soul is not stuck in the Matrix Simulation. I started reading energy, seeing parallel timelines, talking to my Higher Self and activating my personal Ascension process.

It is a mystery how many Walk-In souls are here, but there is a growing number of awakened Light Workers assisting the global Ascension into 5th dimension. The visiting souls have traveled far and wide to support the shift into unity consciousness.  Along with our Galactic Family, we are here to support the native people in reclaiming their beloved Gaia away from the destructive reptilian race wars and the dark Archon forces.

Igniting 2017 with a bang is the upcoming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Feb 10-11th in 22 degrees Leo…22 degrees is the ancient symbol of Mastership. The Leo-Aquarius axis represents the historical influence of Atlantis. This event is stirring up deep-seeded memories of past-life trauma during the collapse of Atlantis. That timeline is over-lapping our current earth timeline, blurring the lines of potential outcomes. All Starseeds and Light Workers are present on Gaia right now to prevent another repeat of the catastrophic Atlantian destruction.
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