25 February 2017

Diana Luppi (Zoev Jho) at Starseed Academy Radio ~ Author: ET 101 ~ The Instruction Manual ~ 22 February 2017

I solemnly promise that this is the truth.

Just recently, I had to be away for more than a week to attend to some time-sensitive family matters. Knowing full well that it was going to be a very challenging time in the midst of totally mainstream people 24/7, I fortified myself with my Solfeggio Tones and other high frequency music plus some equally high frequency reading material ~ I instinctively went for ET 101.

I first read it a few years ago. I felt it was time for another read, and I was glad I followed my guidance.

As Synchronicity seamlessly swooped in, I saw this interview a couple of days ago. I could be wrong, but Diana Luppi isn't exactly a regular interviewee. So this is definitely nice Synchronicity as far as I'm concerned.

Please listen at Starseed Academy Radio. Diana Luppi comes in at about the 25-minute mark, and relates to us what she had to go through to get her book out and how she was thwarted several times in the process. She also appeals to us to come out of the closet and do our job already, because the time is NOW.

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