25 February 2017

ET 101 ~ Zoev Jho aka Diana Luppi

As I mentioned in my previous post, it was sweet Synchronicity that found me re-reading ET 101 and to find out about Diana Luppi's appearance at Starseed Academy Radio a few days later.

From the very first page, I had already decided I would feature this priceless package of activation codes (that's what it really is) yet again ~ the first two times being here and here.

ET 101 is the sort of book where practically every paragraph is worthy of being turned into a nice picture-quotation, or what I call Spiritual Snapshots. Reading this little nugget would make you feel homesick, nurtured, comforted, uplifted. I was even more moved during my second reading than the first. Be prepared to feel deeply connected to the energies in certain passages.

It's very evident from the start that this book was written in a higher-dimensional energy. There's something about the way it's written that you just know it transcends the 3D/lower 4D mind and belief system. It's almost as if the reader (who is ready) is being entrained for higher multi-dimensional existence and thinking.

ET 101 isn't just a pre-requisite, but also spiritual medication for those in dire need of large doses of Cosmic Sustenance. It's a very unexpected exercise in deep meditation.

This small "manual" can easily be read through in one sitting over a nice large-ish pot of soothing tea, but my personal advice is....don't. It should be savoured in portions, because they are not mere words to be read, but potent frequencies of Home, heavily laced with hand-holding and etheric pep-talk. And as I mentioned at the start, liberally encoded with activation energies all throughout its pages.

Its simplicity belies its profundity. Or more accurately, ET 101 is simply profound.

Diana Luppi's website is ET 101.

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