01 February 2017

First Steps of the New Gaia Creation are Taken ~ Gaia Portal ~ 1 February 2017

This message feels very significant, even though I can only make assumptions as to the meaning. Only four lines but I found myself contemplating them for quite some time.

Source: Gaia Portal

First steps of the New Gaia creation are taken.
Moon seekers are disappointed.
hu-beings recognize Sol as the leader of all.
Fares of compliance to the High Energetics are increased.


  1. I am recieving alot of visits from the goddess Isis since jan. Alot of 'Elders',Aincients ,will be born back she says ..Including Horus , vibrations getting finer..so subtle yet so profound..our core feels it..sun disc opens...new light life fourth..you will see your trueself .blessed be .☆

    1. Thank you and Blessings, Ursula :)