07 February 2017

Planetary Synchronised Meditation on 11 February 2017, 2300 hrs New York EDT ~ Elizabeth Trutwin

Another global meditation for this Lunar Eclipse. 

Source: Cosmic Ascension

Planetary Synchronized Meditation JOIN US! 

Our next Planetary Synchronized Meditation will last 15 minutes and will begin on February 11, 2017 at 11:00pm or 2300 hrs in New York Time (EDT).

The New Moon on Friday 11 February, 2017 is in Leo. The Full Moon February 11, 2017 is another 2-2 energy. 22 a master number. The number 22 radiates enormous potential, accompanied by a high level of inner tension resulting from an overwhelming desire to achieve something extraordinary. These Lunar Codes come from Divine Mother, Sekhmet or Durga. Certainly a time to focus on Love and Creativity! March is a time when all abundance may come forth.

February: The Snow Moon
Snow piles even higher in February, giving this moon its most common name. Among tribes that used this name for the January moon, the February moon was called the Hunger Moon due to the challenging hunting conditions.

The esoteric Law of Cycles — the law which is symbolized by the waxing of the moon to full brightness followed by its waning — affirms that we can Consciously cooperate with the flow of higher energies.

On the New Moon we will focus on healing areas of Earth as well as all sentient life on Her.

On the Full Moon we will celebrate each new evolution of higher energies integrating into New Earth.

In undertaking the service of New Moon and Full Moon meditation, the aim is to work imaginatively as members of the new group of world servers, dedicated to world service. Spiritually and telepathically the group is one and the work is one. Essentially, of course, these are meetings for meditation at a time when meditation by a subjectively fused and focussed worldwide group of servers can be effectively used by Consciousness for the channeling of energy and for the purposes of human redemption. Group meditation is, therefore, the intention of groups coming together each month. These meetings are not used in order to teach elementary esoteric principles. A theme for that day, which is often given as a preliminary to the the meditation, is not intended to be a lecture but to focus, unite and lift the thought process of those present, wherever they are in the world.

Please see more details at Cosmic Ascension.

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