07 February 2017

Rare Lunar Eclipse During Leo: Prepare For a Huge Energy Shift On February 11, 2017 ~ Sun Gazing

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Source: Sun Gazing

This coming Friday, on the night of February 10-11, there will be a special lunar eclipse taking place on a full snow moon. The eclipse will be visible for those in North America, Europe, Africa, and most of Asia, so sky gazers across the world can look up to watch it, weather permitting. During the eclipse the moon will appear to be cast in subtle, silvery darkness, as the Earth’s shadow falls upon it.

Lunar eclipses occur when the sun, Earth, and moon all line up in that respective order. As the moon passes behind our planet and enters into the Earth’s umbra, its shadow, the resulting alignment causes the shadow to fall upon the moon, making it noticeably appear a few shades darker. However, since this lunar eclipse is penumbral, rather than total or partial, the moon won’t actually enter the umbra. Instead, it just barely misses the Earth’s strong inner shadow and as such will be immersed in the outer weaker portion of the Earth’s shadow, which is called the penumbra. That’s why this eclipse will be much subtle, as compared to a total or partial lunar eclipse.

Check out this video below for a taste of what you can expect:

From a historical perspective, the full moon in February is traditionally known as a snow moon because the month is often both the coldest time of year and when snowfall tends to be the heaviest. However, what is even more interesting are the astrological implications of this month’s full snow moon and lunar eclipse taking place in Leo. The celestial events usher in a time for changes and new beginnings and the resulting shift in energy will have a profound impact on people’s lives. So while this month’s beautiful eclipse may be fleeting, in the weeks and months ahead you will end up feeling its effects in a very meaningful way!

Even though each and every one of us will experience a personal change, which may be slight or life-altering, here are the more significant ways in which this lunar eclipse may affect us:

Many of us will find a renewed sense of purpose and direction within ourselves, the type of which has been lacking in our lives lately. Eclipses are always times of powerful change and this one is highlighted by the fact that it occurs in Leo. As such, the fiery, passionate, dominant characteristics of the noble and courageous leader that Leo embodies will be at the forefront of even the most timid person’s personality. When the influential traits of Leo are combined with this new sense of purpose, expect a lot of people to finally take back control of their lives and futures.

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