15 February 2017

Search for the Golden Tara Track 1 ~ Judy Satori ~ 14 February 2017

Track 1 of Judy Satori's Golden Tara program has been made available for free listening.

Source: Judy Satori

In August this year Judy was guided by Spirit to journey to Ladakh in Northern India in search of the Golden Tara. Remote, mysterious and starkly beautiful, Ladakh, at an elevation of over 11,000 feet, is known as "the land of the high passes". Tara, known as Dolma in Tibet, is a female bodhisattva, a being who having achieved enlightenment, chooses to remain on, or close, to Earth to help all sentient beings.

Judy had to cross many "high passes" during her quest . . . some real and some on the inner planes. Judy discussed her adventures and insights in Ladakh on You Wealth Revolution Show on December 1. She transmitted information from Golden Tara live on the show and transmitted powerful energies of upgrade and change. You can listen to those interviews with the links below.

Judy’s work as an energy conduit for Spirit is moving beyond healing to regenesis, the activation of human DNA potential. Search for the Golden Tara is a bridge between the old and the new ... for Judy, and for all of us.

Search for the Golden Tara program is about finding, accessing and activating the 'gold' inside of YOU. The energy transmissions from Golden Tara create a reset, like a stepping down and changing gears, to access the divine feminine energies of new creation for you. It matters not whether you are male or female. Outcomes are increased joy, relief from stress, peace, inner strength and an outpouring of creative vitality and expression.

If you feel stuck or blocked in your life,
Search for the Golden Tara is for you!

Please continue to access the audio track....

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