13 February 2017

Situation Update ~ Cobra ~ 12 February 2017

Very positive and encouraging progress. Let's also continue to do whatever we can as creator beings to help the situation!

Source: The Portal

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. There was a drastic improvement of the situation in our Solar System lately. The Light forces have managed to clear most of the plasma anomaly from the Solar System and beyond, and the vast majority of plasma anomaly with most remaining toplet bombs is now accumulated close to Earth within 3 Earth radii from the Earth center.

This is the area of the „head“ of the Yaldabaoth entity and the area of quantum anomaly well within which the quarantine Earth resides. The edge of this anomalous plasma field is described as the plasma shield in this article:


The Chimera group keeps this anomalous plasma in position with a scalar field with most prominent resonant frequencies of 11.76 Hz (corresponding to alpha brain waves) and 15.68 Hz (corresponding to beta brain waves). These two frequencies are the basic frequencies of the Veil. You can counteract some of the harmful effects of the Veil's scalar field with binaural tones of the same frequency:




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  1. Greetings Grace,

    Hope you are doing well.

    About the tentacle removal: In Cobra's Feb 12, 2017 Situation Update, he explained that the tentacles were not really tentacles but plasma filaments and that they had been removed.

    He also said the 'head' was the area directly around the planet and is still being maintained by the chimera's scalar fields, but that they were closing in on finally removing it completely.

    On the Feb 19, 2017 Connecting Consciousness talk show Simon Parkes stated that there are big holes appearing in the energetic barriers around the earth. Said he had no idea why, but that something was definitely happening.

    He also had some fascinating things to say about Trump and the world situation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGjXThiAvx8

    Magenta Pixie finally responded to people's questions about Trump and the world situation on Feb 20, 2017. What she has to say is fascinating if anyone cares to check it out:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFTZpoSaZIg

    Thanks again for you wonderful blog. Many Blessings...

    1. Namaste Shaunie :) Thank you for your information, much appreciated! The Disclosure News site has also explained that their animation is only a representation, and not an "octopus" as such.

      I have, for the time being, stopped listening to Simon, just going with my own guidance. I may pick it up again if I'm guided to do so. As for the Magenta Pixie video, I'm not aware of it, thank you for the link.

      Much Love, Grace