15 February 2017

Tentacle Removal and The Silver Army ~ Disclosure News

Ever since I first posted the animation of the tentacle removal from the Disclosure News site (thanks to a reader of Cobra's The Portal) a couple of weeks ago, I've been checking in on the progress periodically. Cobra has alluded to this site in his latest update, which prompted a detailed response from Gabriel Raio Lunar who I assume is a source of the "removal" information. He essentially clarified that this animation is a representation of the clearing process only, and should not be interpreted literally.

You can read more at this page.

The status at 14 February is pretty remarkable, with progress picking up speed in the past few days. Currently, two "tentacles" are being removed simultaneously!

Yaldabaoth Double Removal – Tentacles 3 & 4 – 14 February 2017 – 40%

The site is new to me, but I've read a couple of the articles there in the recent past. There's an interesting one that just appeared, about the recent arrival of the "Silver Army". Here for anyone interested. There's also an earlier one (here) with more details.

I can't help but suspect that perhaps this legion of Beings is what Cobra referred to in a previous post, where he wrote about the desperately-needed reinforcements that came in (from this post dated 13 January 2017):

As a response to all this, a large powerful galactic Light group hundreds of millions strong has entered the Solar System and it will assist in the final clearing of the Chimera. The identity of this positive group must not yet be revealed.

And we will continue to play our part in this Cosmic Rebalancing in whatever way we can :)  Namaste!  

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