12 February 2017

The Current Eclipse Corridor ~ Andrew Martin ~ 11 February 2017

Andrew's website is The Lighted Ones.

Source: Andrew Martin

None of us will emerge unchanged by the energies of this eclipse corridor. Not just the two eclipses in February, but also the larger 6 month passage that culminates with two eclipses in August. It is not always required for us to understand what is happening at the level of logic/identity/mind. If the why is important, then we'll be given that too. I am sharing this info with the intention of shedding some light on what's shifting now and over the next 6 months. Much of what is happening is occurring at levels that are far outside the realm of the mind’s understanding. Often we are feeling our way into our expereince in spite of what may seem “logical” or “rational”. More than ever before our innate connection to our own guidance will take us through these uncharted waters. Success is guaranteed, it is written. How we choose to get there is what we are writing now. As always, take what resonates and leave the rest.

The Current Energetic Corridor

Major nervous system upgrades and re-writes as the Schumann Resonance is spiking to levels that are higher than have ever been recorded. The eclipses and full moon of February kick off a 6 month period propelling us to deeper levels of self understanding that is capped off by two more eclipses in August. The magnetic field of the Earth is shifting and fluctuating, astrological alignments that haven’t been seen in many years are occurring, CMEs, and the tidal wave of energy that the collective has been building as we begin to unite in ways we never have before are all adding up to be a huge game changer.

New Levels of Awareness

Our individual work has given us access to planes of being we haven't inhabited as humans in a long time. As always this is relative to where we are individually at any given moment. One person’s awakening is another person’s day to day, normal awareness. Comparison and judgement of ourselves and others as more or less awake is unnecessary and only leads to suffering. We are waking up to our own unique divine blueprint which has nothing to do with another person's. This is about our orientation with our truth. We are the only ones who know what our truth feels like and it is our sovereign duty to honor that.

It Must Be Loved

There is no wiggle room any longer to continue to indulge our fears, our insecurities or doubts. We certainly may still have the experience of those fear based emotions, but we can no longer allow them to hold us back. Whatever it is that has been keeping us stuck, whether consciously or unconsciously, is coming to the surface now. It will not move until it is acknowledged, loved, and released. When you curse it you claim it, when you love it you set it free. The very thing that we may be afraid to face, accept, or do is the very thing that will untether us and allow us to climb higher. Sovereignty is our divine birthright and we can no longer cling to the small self out of fear of expansion or loss of the familiar. The time has come for us to claim what we came here to do.

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