03 March 2017

23 Hours Free Viewing Left! Free Energy Should Be Free ~ David Wilcock ~ Wisdom Teachings #172


  1. Thanks for these links, Grace! I think were going to subscribe to Gaia TV! I really like the content they provide. And my girlfriend wants to watch the yoga videos! So it works out! They also have chromecast support and that's one of my requirements before I subscribe to anything. ":D

    So hopefully I will be able to share the love to and pass some links on in the future!

    Oh and BTW, thanks for your comment on the post about our meditation. It's great to be able to share these things together and get some confirmation of what I saw an felt through others similar experiences. That really helps to keep pushing onward in this crazy circus. Also, I was wondering if you had a link to the other vision you were referring to that you had read. I would like to read them too and see if there was any other similarities to what I had saw.

    Thanks again!

    1. Justin, I wish I had copied down the link to the other vision I came across, because I wanted to post it as well! Sorry, I can't even remember where I read it, likely one of the fb feeds.

      If I remember correctly, Gaia TV has loads of yoga stuff! So both of you would find the subscription worthwhile. Happy watching!

      Blessings :)